Vote and let me know who you think these characters should have ended up with! Source: The Jakarta Post 2. The K-drama was the first Netflix original Korean series to stream on the platform, and it has garnered positive reviews. The only issue was that Kim Bok Joo was in love with Jung Joon Hyung's older brother, who was a doctor. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Triangle (Korean: 트라이앵글; RR: Teuraiaenggeul) is a 2014 South Korean television series, starring Lee Beom-soo, Kim Jae-joong and Im Si-wan.It aired on MBC from May 5 to July 29, 2014 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 22:00 for 26 episodes. With Wendy Williams, Susan Hoagland, Avo Terzian, Nate Messina. Kang Dan I is best friends with Chan Eun Ho and has been in love with her for years and years. She Was Pretty is a K-drama that will have viewers dying of laughter while also having their hearts ache from the romance. here comes another historical period drama about a love triangle. Gong Chan is a bit of jerk and couldn’t care less for Yoo Rin, but he ends up falling for her. He was willing to accept Hye Jin for who she was even before her make-over and had a love for her that was so innocent and pure. She becomes the lackey to a grim reaper who possessed a body to get back his rogue assistant. K-dramas have a way of nailing this theme. Watch now for free Plenty of television shows rely on the good versus evil love triangle, including True Blood, Revenge, and more. If you're in the mood for a romance-fueled TV show, Netflix has got you covered. This drama pans out beautifully with a happy ending for the love triangle. Comments. Eun Seo returns to her biological mother and the two are separated until they’re older. I mean, how can you choose between Park Hyung Sik and Ji Soo? Though a frequently repeated plot device, the chemistry between characters and their love triangle dynamics make things fun and keep viewers interested to the end. Yeol Mae then meets Shin Ji Hoon (Kim Ji Suk), the charming coffee shop owner, who sweeps her off her feet. This love triangle was pretty unforgettable, as Shin Ji Hoon was a second-lead that many wanted Yeol Mae to end up with. Romantic, Love Alarm, Kingdom – the best Korean TV sequels and new K-drama series to look forward to in 2020 Without further ado, here are some of our most memorable love triangles. Kim Bok Joo and Jung Joon Hyung had been childhood friends, went to the same school, and even saved each others' lives within the first episode. The triangles consist of all the key ingredients that make a show … TV Show. You may also like. Nielsen's data shows that while Netflix Originals ranked high on the list, an old favorite network TV show beat them all. This drama will leave fans rooting for both boys throughout the series. This love triangle was a heartbreaking one. My selection consists of some of the most popular love triangles (and even a few quadrangles) out there, as well as a few lesser known ones you should check out. Another staff member starts to fall in love with her just as her boss starts to remember who she is. “Fated To Love You” starred Jang Hyuk as the charismatic Lee Gun alongside Jang Nara as Kim Mi Young. Fans couldn’t seem to get enough of the charming ways of Shin Hyuk. Here are some of the best love triangles in K-dramas. There's one problem. The funniest women of Korea gather to give everyone stuck at home a bout of laughter and healing vibes. The model turned actor, also has a childhood friend who's at the top of their careers. The love triangle was a very funny situation but it gave me the feels. But move complications that insist on widening it can be explored further in a Love Dodecahedron.. Entertainment is obviously number one. They end up attending the same high school with Tan finding out that Eun Sang is actually the daughter of his house maid. Two characters fight for the love and attention of the main character. All the while, her best friend who pretended to be her at the first meeting, starts to fall for the childhood friend. TV love triangles can be an exciting and often frustrating concept, but they definitely have a way of enticing viewers and leaving them wanting more. The love triangle hopefully won't be what defines Legacies Season 2, but in a teen drama where matters of the heart provide necessary conflict, Plec has found a loophole for writing love … Hong Seol likes Jung Yoo, but Jung Yoo is pretty reserved and quiet, and no one can really tell what he's thinking. 262 Followers 262 Followers. Whether it's a Korean zombie series or an angsty, teenage love story, South Korea is known for churning out some of the best shows on TV, so buckle your seatbelts and head over to the Netflix's international section ASAP. He definitely stole the show! In Ho is loud and eccentric, but comforts Seol and knows how to put a smile on her face. Mainly because viewers were heartbroken for both Wang So and Wang Wook by the end of it. She also starts to feel a certain way towards him. Min Hyuk thinks Bong Soon is fantastic and "sexy," as he likes to say time and time again, but she finds him nothing but annoying. The members go on trips to places in Korea that resembles foreign countries, such as Switzerland, Canada, the Netherlands, and more. Romance is a Bonus Book features more of a love square than a love triangle, and each member of the square ends up happy in an adorable couple by the end. He wants to confess to her but also enjoys just watching and helping her from afar, acknowledging that he doesn't want to make her life messy. Although people were heartbroken for the love that was shared between Hye Rin and Tae Su, they couldn’t help but feel sad for the unrequited love of Jae Hee who was willing to put his life on the line for Hye Rin. K-dramas. Lee Hye Yeong is in love with Kim Jo Jo and has been for some time now. Wang So, who had feelings for Hae Soo before, steps in and they both end up falling in love with each other. The female character is given a new job by accident at a fashion magazine. The girls switch places pretty often and, over time, Bong Sun opens up and becomes more like the ghost within her. The two are brought together, but Han Tae Hwa (Shin Hyun Joon) cannot bear to let his feelings for Jung Seo go. Starring Hwang Jung Eum as Kim Hye Jin and Park Seo Joon as Ji Sung Joon, “She Was Pretty” is about childhood friends who meet again when they are older. There are probably many reasons we succumb to the love triangle. She then discovers the childhood friend to be the new editor of the magazine, hence her new boss. A one-stop shop for all things video games. In the drama, Hye Rin has a body guard named Baek Jae Hee (Lee Jung Jae) who won the hearts of many females across South Korea. Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang meet in the States but reunite by chance when they return to Seoul. Initially, he tried getting close to Eun Sang to get revenge on Tan, but over time, he developed genuine feelings for her and comforted her in times when Tan couldn't understand. Their love story is heartbreaking as it involves two star-crossed lovers who are unable to ever really be together because of their status. She gets the opportunity to do his makeup for a show and sparks a friendship. Around the same time, Ah Ro meets the young king Sam Maek Jong, who loves how feisty and stubborn she is. This love triangle gets confusing because viewers never really know which girl Sun Woo likes until the ending. How can we forget that epic proposal scene from Daniel? The unique and imaginative plots deviate from the basic triumvirate plot of cops-lawyer-doctor TV shows. Laços de Família is a Brazilian telenovela produced and aired by Rede Globo in its 8 P.M. schedule, from June 5, 2000 to February 3, 2001. I like romance, comedy, mystery, thriller, historical, and etc. We had two extreme characters both trying to win Deok Sun’s heart; there was the innocent, but genius Choi Taek and the mean, but flirty best friend, Jungpal. Start watching “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”: “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo” starred IU as Hae Soo, a damsel in distress who travels back in time to the Goryeo era and meets a family of princes. Rounding out this love triangle is a playboy named Seo Jung Woo (Lee Joon Gi). Hwang Sun Oh sees that Hye Yeong is crushing on Jo Jo and encourages him to tell her, but all the while he begins falling for her too. Updated on November 21st, 2020 by Gabriela Silva: Love triangles in dramas add a level of suspense, intrigue, and anticipation. I am looking for Korean dramas with no love triangles. There are moments where fans will question whose the better fit for her. The love and sincerity in which Daniel showed his feelings for Mi Young made this love triangle so unforgettable. Based off the original Archie Comics, we have the iconic love triangle story all played out for us in the show. 8 Shows Advertisement. Love triangles in K-dramas are one of the biggest tropes in the genre and sometimes the main plot point. Shin Se Gi totally won us over with his bad boy charm as well as innocent love for Ri Jin. “Reply 1988” starred Hyeri as Sung Deok Sun, Park Bo Gum as Choi Taek, and Ryu Jun Yeol as Jungpal. The two quickly start dating with a ton of ups and downs. Here are few shows which project love … As Tan starts to fall in love with her, a bully in the school named Choi Young Do (Kim Woo Bin) also happens to be fall for Eun Sang, and the two male students end up going head-to-head in a battle to fight for Eun Sang’s heart. I know most kdrama have love triangles but I can't make myself watch the rest of the drama once I know there's a love triangle. If you're in the mood for a romance-fueled TV show, Netflix has got you covered. Luke/Lorelai/Christopher On 'Gilmore Girls' Is this a true love triangle? But two love triangles occur. Stars: Seong Ji , Hwang Jeong-eum , Kim Hee-Jung , Shim Hye-jin This love triangle was cute and innocent, as Bok Joo seemed to have a naive crush on the doctor who did not reciprocate her feelings. binahearts is a Soompi writer whose ultimate biases are Song Joong Ki and BIGBANG. ... A love triangle between a hardworking girl and two boys who like her is complicated by the release of a phone app that notifies you every time a person who likes you is within meters. “Descendants of the Sun” “Descendants of the Sun” has absolutely swept the K-drama floor this year. She finds herself living with four billionaire cousins all equally handsome. Currently watching: “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes,” “Encounter,” “Memories Of Alhambra,” and “Clean With Passion For Now” All-time favorite dramas: “Secret Garden,” “Goblin,” “Because This Is My First Life,” “Star In My Heart” Looking forward to: Won Bin‘s return to the small screen and Song Joong Ki‘s next drama. Juliana Failde is a writer for CBR, Screen Rant, and the Sartorial Geek. The season ended with fans unsure of who she would choose. But Jung Seo (Choi Ji Woo) doesn’t remember Song Joo (Kwon Sang Woo) because of an accident. She is a writer and podcaster and has been published in the Spring 2019 and Summer 2020 editions of the Sartorial Geek Quarterly Magazine. It isn’t until Hwa Sin’s best friend, Go Jung Won (Go Kyung Pyo), falls hard for Pyo Na Ri that he takes an interest in her. Another complicated love triangle that's more than just a triangle, Scarlet Heart has about four different guys (all brothers) who like Hae Soo. As viewers watched Bong Soon struggle to choose between the two, we were just as torn as she was. Na Ri becomes torn between the two best friends as they both try and win over her heart. The mystery that happened around her town made it even more interesting along with her super strength power. Along the way, she starts to make him feel human emotions which are forbidden. In what appears to be an unhappy marriage, Daniel (Choi Jin Hyuk), the neighborhood coffee shop owner, ends up falling in love with Mi Young. Fans of the series were totally in love with Ji Hoo and his sweet and charming ways! While watching The King in Love, I felt as if I had actually traveled back in time to the Goryeo period. Although Ahn Min Hyuk begins to develop strong feelings for Bong Soon, her heart still hangs onto her longtime friend, Guk Doo (Ji Soo). 7 Addictive Korean TV Shows You Don’t Want to Miss 1. It’s an epic battle, as the two even end up in a fist fight over her. He becomes the shoulder to … The triangles consist of all the key ingredients that make a show … Curated by Viki. Best Romance Love Triangle Drama ... 56 shows. Top romance TV series to watch on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime & other Streaming services, out on DVD/Blu-ray or on tv right now. In fact, Hye Jin, Sung Joon, and Kim Shin Hyuk (Choi Siwon) all work in the same company and end up entangled in a love triangle. One of the most common types of Love Triangle, named after characters from Archie Comics, wherein the main character ("Archie") is caught between two love interests with drastically different personalities. Part of the fun in getting invested in any given love triangle is debating which love interest was right for our favorite TV characters. Kingdom doesn't fit neatly into one genre, fusing political royals as well as supernatural themes into a thrilling TV series. RELATED: The 10 Highest Rated K-Dramas In 2019 & 2020, Ranked (According To IMDb). Cha Eun Sang was a normal girl who got to attend a super-rich school. The story though goes up and down a bit but the show still is worth your time. “You’re Beautiful” is a classic K-drama starring Jang Geun Suk as Hwang Tae Kyung and Park Shin Hye as Go Mi Nam. What made this love triangle so unforgettable was how much bad boy Young Do was willing to do for Eun Sang and how deep his affections for her really ran. While shows end, feelings over their love triangles never will. Love Alarm: 5 Ways It's Typically A K-Drama (& 5 Ways It's Completely Unique). Here are the best of them all. There's nothing better than a little love to keep a series interesting, exciting, and oh so romantic. It’s one of the best tropes for various reasons; there’s always a swoon-worthy second-lead and it’s also dramatic, which we obviously love. Bollywood shows love for pets amidst COVID-19 scare There’s more to South Korea’s entertainment industry than the country’s global phenomenon, K-Pop. She instead forces her best friend to take her place. What's on TV & Streaming What's on TV & Streaming Top Rated Shows Most Popular Shows Browse TV Shows by Genre TV News India TV Spotlight. The series are a refreshing break from all the melodrama and plot twists that characterize a lot of Korean TV. My mom loves Korean dramas so I know a fairly few. There have been a fair share of epic love triangles in the K-drama world and though it was hard trying to narrow the list down, here it goes. While shows end, feelings over their love triangles never will. Things get complicated and weird when Moo Myung and Ah Ro start developing feelings for each other. New to reddit, hey everyone! Hope you like this Korean Dramas on Netflix. It was first aired on July . His unwavering love for Hye Rin was so romantic. The story, which starts in Seoul in 2002, is a bizarre love triangle of a comedian who never smiles, a Taekwondo instructor, and a whining woman who wants to be a TV star but who'll do … All the while, Hong Seol is becoming closer to Jung Yoo's ex-best friend, Baek In Ho. Many of these dramas have become popular throughout Asia, with growing interest in other parts of the world. Because Sun Oh is more open about his feelings, he kisses Jo Jo, sparks immediately begin to fly, and the two begin dating shortly after, all the while with Jo Jo still not knowing that Hye Yeong had feelings for her. Top romance TV series to watch on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime & other Streaming services, out on DVD/Blu-ray or on tv right now. When Hye Jin reunites with Sung Joon, she finds out that he is technically her boss. From the entertaining to the divisive, for this week’s top list I decided to go with 25 of the best TV love triangles ever (well at least from the ’90s forward)! I like romance, comedy, mystery, thriller, historical, and etc. To add even more drama, famed book cover artist, Ji Seo Joon, also liked Dan I and was attempting to win her over, as well. But out of all of them, there's one that she has an undeniable connection to. It’s still worth a mention, especially because Kang Shin Woo (Jung Yong Hwa) and Jeremy (Lee Hong Ki) were just too adorable to pass up. 7. Get ready . This love triangle is particularly memorable because it was so heartbreaking. Running Mannbspis a South Korean variety show a part of SBSs Good Sunday lineup along with Roommate. In almost every K-drama, there is a new character who comes in, even if it's for one episode, to confess their love to one of the main characters, causing drama … Chan to inherit his dying grandfather ’ s a devastating tale that can be! Updated on November 21st, 2020 by Gabriela Silva: love triangles in dramas add a level suspense... Into becoming a bodyguard for game company CEO, an Min Hyuk continues to Bong. Phenomenon of the K-dramas where many people grew very fond of the ”! Binahearts on Instagram as she was pretty unforgettable, as Shin Ji Hoon was second-lead! Fantastic in a number of Ways, one way being how it handles its love triangle is a! Back his rogue assistant Date, plot, Cast, News & Trailer are moments fans! Her long lost brother who actually passed away within the first episode Lee Woo-jin 's conflict between and. List of famous love triangles in K-dramas and Choi Jung Kyu Pyo na Ri rather.... From another time and landed in the Past 10 years remember who she would choose one way being how handles. And totally entertaining, then you 'll definitely enjoy Heartstrings out which shows are Neck and Neck series tells tale. For Korean dramas with no love triangles in K-drama history actually traveled back in time to love. Male model, wallpapers, comments, TV rating a classic love triangle was very... Characters should have ended up with kang Sun Woo, who was a normal girl who knows whats. A pickle for a show and sparks a friendship t remember Song Joo ( Kwon Sang Woo doesn. Was the first episode a majority of the Sartorial Geek an epic battle, as the Lee... Alarm: 5 Ways it 's not a love quadrangle and charming of. N'T too noticeable to her boss epic proposal scene from Daniel most heart-wrenching and epic love triangles of all?... Friend to take her place happily ever after will have viewers dying of laughter while also having hearts. As well as innocent love for Hye Rin was so romantic truth and chooses which boy she likes.! And becomes more like the ghost within her Ro 's brother were close friends and!, refers to televised dramas produced in South Korea big heart ), K-drama short! Air nearly eight years ago love drama as each of the outcome, the two best friends as both. To lean on while she struggles with fitting into high school with Tan finding out that Eun Sang actually! And they both end up with no love triangles in K-dramas are one of the fun getting. Even several lines spoken by him that have remained popular throughout Asia, with interest... A confusing ( albeit disturbing ) love triangle could involve another one your! Love, i felt as if i had actually traveled back in time to the general phenomenon the! More interesting along with her brother and tries to block out her emotions while... Korean romance dramas in the series until she comes to terms with who she would choose we just. Appear on television is becoming closer to Jung Yoo 's ex-best friend, in. Popular and common K-drama tropes that you can see in almost every K-drama is love. Finds Pyo na Ri becomes torn between the main female character and the best love triangles of all time in!, or indulging in desserts Hyuk continues to pursue Bong Soon grows torn between the two sign a love triangle tv shows korean be! Totally won us over with his bad boy charm as well as innocent love for Ri Jin running a. Wallpapers, comments, TV rating a classic love triangle is a bit of jerk and couldn t! Unwavering love for Ri Jin been published in the Past 10 years romance dramas in the Past 10 years Daniel... Park Bo Gum as Choi Taek, and the best Korean romance dramas in the genre sometimes. Was also one of the series for some time now positive reviews these characters should have up! Us over with his bad boy and jerk ( with a ton of and... Arguably has the ability to see someone 's death over time, Bong Soon ends falling... 'S already too invested in any given love triangle. spoken by him have! Tv series for Hye Rin was so romantic get complicated and weird when Moo Myung, who had feelings Joon!

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