I think this is rapidly going no where. In this case, the white stripes divide the gold into three bands with roughly the same amount of gold. I wish I could help you on this but military and government authorities I have contacted don't seem to know either. It is possible that the gold-striped flags could have been part of this program, or a related program. Free shipping The supply of casket flags dropped when casualties rose, and a small French garment factory was requisitioned to make the needed casket flags. At some reasonably uncertain points during World War I, a number of flags were created that sometimes seem to be connected with military funerals. Generally, officers escorted officers and enlisted men escorted enlisted men. Assistant Director, Americanism and Children & Youth Division. Memphis, TN which suggests that the custom might not exist anymore. So I should think that a query to the VA, perhaps directed at their archives or historic office, might answer the question of the gold stripes. Four, five? This organization was tasked after the war to manage 15 distribution centers (Note 2). Introduction. Following the end of World War II, the U.S. government mandated a program to return the bodies of servicemen who had been buried in temporary military cemeteries overseas. USAT LT James E. Robinson 1948 2047 aka - Pat, 6 July 2010." The flag has 5 gold stars randomly spread among the other 43 white stars. 95. Yet another inquiry concerning gold stripes on the U.S. flag. Veterans Advisory Board $40.00. Following surveys to the population, the government decided that about three fifths of the 289,000 personnel involved would be returned in accordance with family wishes. A. History: Gold Star Banner. USAT Private Joe R. Hastings 1949 Sp Those servicemen who were not returned to the U.S. were reburied in one of 14 permanent military cemeteries overseas (Note 1). D. War Department Notification Telegrams Well, the beauty of the American flag is that it’s an ever-evolving statement of nationhood. Library, Naval History and Heritage Command. through the Merchant Marine website. Who knows? No one so far has any idea of what we are talking about. Gold Star Flag Cut File, Patriotic, American Soldier Flag SVG, American Pride, KIA, Military, Gold Star … I have searched U.S. sources from 1916-1918 and from 1940-1945 and have turned up nothing about such flags. "It seems in November, 1944, there was a big push going through Germany and thousands of American soldiers were being wounded and killed. 99. Our complete selection of high-quality made in USA flags and flag accessories can be found in our FREE full-color flag catalog. United States of America. Is there an organization that would have been responsible for such flags in the period of 48 stars? soldier who died on the beaches of Normandy, on June 15, 1944. The first stripe below the stars is gold rather than white like the rest. USAT CPL Eric C. Gibson 1948 aka Mary 2018, I received this query about a casket flag. There may be some story behind these reported gold stripe flags, but I think we ought to consider the number of cases. $5.99 $ 5. Here is a picture of the flag. Quick view Choose Options. 99. We also offer a 3x5 foot mothers flag. Note 4. It may have originated in the naval custom of covering a casket with the ship's ensign when conducting a burial at sea prior to sliding the casket overboard (but retaining the flag). FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Pres. Charlotte Quartermaster Depot, Charlotte, NC Chicago, IL disclaimer and copyright | These flags were part of a repatriation program between 1946-1951 to return servicemen buried in overseas cemeteries. The first, second, fourth, and sixth white stripes are all gold, while the third and fifth are white." The American Battle Monuments Commission administers, operates, and maintains twenty-four permanent American burial grounds on foreign soil. I had no idea of the magnitude of effort involved in finding the history of it. - they are not the real arbiters of this question, and I doubt that they have definitive resources to respond. Gold Star Service Banner. I have seen 1, 2, and 4 gold stars, usually the first few in the top row at the hoist. USATs But if it would be about four gold stripes, then the best way to distribute them would be with the white stripes on the outside. If the U.S. flag is also displayed with the Service Flag, the U.S. flag should be of equal or greater proportions and should take the place of honor above the Service Flag. LS - Liberty Ships P.O. One man stated that he had a flag with 38 gold stars and 10 white stars. Cullom Kimbro, LS-2349 However, it was not a military funeral flag and, in fact, bore markings that indicate U.S. manufacture although the owner who inherited it has documents that clearly state it originated in France. All stars on both sides are embroidered with gold thread, and on the back side showing a little bit of white thread as well. Overseas American Military Cemeteries Get the best deals on 48 Star Flag when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Note 2. The Gold Star banner is as important as the Blue Star flag; however, the representation is a bit different. These presumably were done intentionally, but most of the men involved have died and their relatives now hope to find out what the meaning is - too late. The meaning or symbolism of a star on a flag is not universal, as each country may have a specific reason for including the shape. Gold Star Banner The blue and gold star banner tradition began in WW I when white Service Flags bordered in red were displayed from homes, business, schools and churches to indicate, by the use of a blue star, each active service member in the U.S. Military. This article began as with a question about a gold star military burial flag. Al Kirsch, 28 February 2010, My last inquiry about an Annin manufactured flag (UFE10-8) resulted in failure because apparently they only keep records for the last five years, but I still feel there is a story behind these gold striped flags, so I plan to ask them if they know anything about gold striped 48-star flags or the traditions behind them. Today, and for as long as most of us recall, the VA in fact buys, specifies and supplies the 5 x 9.5 foot flags that are used for this purpose. USAT Lawrence Victory 1948 VS-185 Examples of National Flags with Stars American Flag. G. Obituaries Gold stars on 20th Century U.S. flags. How "gold" - as opposed to "yellowed" - are the examples reported to us. Kansas City Quartermaster Depot, Kansas, MO Regarding casket flags, this is a custom whose origin seems to be at least several centuries old. "This is the first time I have come across any U.S. ... Vintage 48 Star 4' x 5' Indoor Gold Fringed Flag. Last modified: 2019-08-01 by rick wyatt Love of country and pride in their lost soldier is what this remembrance flag signifies. $39.99 $ 39. Get it as soon as Tue, Jan 19. U.S. Is the total less than double figures? So I definitely think it was an internal idea as there are no official plans for these flags with gold stripes to be manufactured. Thanks, Judy." For additional information see: www.abmc.gov/abmc2.htm San Francisco, CA See more ideas about gold star mother, gold stars, star family. FREE Shipping on … Sample of a War Department notification telegram.References/Resources: Its name came from the custom of families of servicemen hanging a banner called a service … This is the official flag or banner that mothers and other family members display to remember a child who has died in the line of duty as a member of the United States military. Free Flag Catalog. Our neighbors are friendly and watch the house when we are not there. $19.95 $ 19. Woodland Hills, CA 91365-0922 Victory, VS-852 The ships that were used were painted white with a large purple mourning band 3. It has a peel and stick adhesive back. Charlotte, NC (Note 5) USAT Joseph V. Connolly 1947 LS-3134 Utah General Depot, Ogden, UT Identify the graves of all the Gold Star Mothers in your local community and honor them with a marker that will preserve their memory. But because of the great need for casket flags, the gold starred flags were distributed to the Signal Corps for use." I once saw a Greek flag with some gray stripes and some white ones. search | My mind is still open but not as much as it once was. 1. Table of Contents Once I saw the flag I knew that it was unique. USAMHI U.S. Army Disposition of the Dead, WWII, A Working Bibliography of MHI Sources. Tell Me About My Boy War Department Pamphlet www.qmfound.com/about_my_boy.htm, -----------------------------------------------, Actually the years were 1946-1951. write us | Kansas City, MO To receive our catalog and see all wholesale flags for sale, start by selecting your preferred delivery method from the options below: View/Download Complete Full … www.treachap1.us/pastnews/A2004.htm#33: Mira Loma Quartermaster Depot, Mira Loma, CA I. References The stars seem to be different than on a normal flag. This pamphlet also carries titles for Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. Seattle General Depot, Seattle, WA Bill Dunning, 13 March 2010, New Enquiry forwarded by Rob Raeside: "A friend has a flag that has been in their family that has red and white stripes along with gold stripes and 48 stars. Free shipping on many items ... Vintage 48 Star American Flag Annin Defiance Printed Cotton 2x3. There are As for the reported use of gold stripes on casket flags, this seems to be a recent development. This is the same pattern as the flag the nephew of a service man asked about, mentioned on our page. ... reduced to photographs and mementos and one beautiful American flag that sits high on a shelf. anticipated arrival, the local responsible funeral home, and the name of the military escort. Czechoslavakia Victory, VS-86 Much discussion has arisen on the possibility of gold-striped flags,  See our page on the 48-Star Flag with Gold Stars or Stripes for detailed information. of your material and with the information, possibly only one other flag with all There seems to be a European connection on all of these flags that we had such data on. Gold Star Mothers are often politically and socially active. 4.7 out of 5 stars 40. Via The Babylon Bee SACRAMENTO, CA—The California State Legislature passed a law today which requires every American flag in the state to have the stars representing anti-LGBTQ states removed. What does this signify? Otherwise there would be some documentary evidence of it from the period of use, either a short blurb in the newspapers or some obscure regulation in the military or something! 15 Distribution Centers:New York, Port of Entry Links: FOTW homepage | Custom Felt Gold Star Service Flag. I hope Pat can determine whether we're really talking about a new case here, or whether by coincidence this is the same specimen, that is being asked about for a second time. .... Embroidered Nylon Gold Star Service Flag MADE IN THE USA. It is on a white sheet backing and is individually perforated. Atlanta, GA Victory, VS-741 Gold Star Flags Hidden Honors of WWII But if two of them are the same, the system, if it existed, must have been different. Detailed Description Die struck soft enameled nail clutch pin back. Today, such flags are usually 5 by 8 feet in size (1.5 x 2.4 meters) although the official size is supposed to be 5 x 9.5 (1.5 x 2.9 meters). Utah, ASF. 48 Star Flags with Gold Stars or Stripes. Pete Loeser, 28 February 2010, Pete Loeser received this reply from The Veterans of Foreign Wars Behind every son or daughter killed in action, there's a Gold Star Mother. Background. 4. Bill Clinton has declared Gold Star Mothers Day to be celebrated every last Sunday of September in honor of women whose sons and daughters have pledged their lives to securing for all Americans the blessings of liberty. I am still rattling Mr. Knechtmann about his source for the citation, but USAT Barney Kirschbaum 1948 LS-2348 (It's a pity Al didn't receive information about the uncle's rank, as it could have served for comparison here.). (Definitions) John Udics, 2 March 2010, The Navy Department Library does not have any information on the subject of gold stripes on U.S. casket flags. If this colouring was about those two stripes, those would have been gold instead. This was truly a lesson of '"No!" Dave Martucci, 8 April 2011, Recently I was just shown an American Flag with 48 gold stars and 48 white James Allen Knechtmann, 9 March 2010 Check, but were unable to help identified along with the ongoing U.S. conflicts Sticker ( gave one!, operates, and 4 gold stars and 10 white stars the 's... Like the other two the flag I received at my uncle 's funeral in 1955 about a gold Star is. Vintage 48 Star flag when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com see more ideas about gold Mother. The examples reported to us overseas locations thing is available 48 stars during operations. Of excellence and 1951, over 170,000 servicemen were represented by a blue Star flag - anyone was stamped Annin! The U.S. Army Disposition of the flags I have seen 1, 2, and Coast Guard '' x ''... 25,000 during the presidency of Elise C. Nielsen have not completely ruled out substandard,. Get it as soon as Tue, Jan 19 there an organization that would have grey. Article began as with a marker that will preserve their memory rather than gold this explanation it., Speculative Image by Peter Hans van den Muijzenberg, 26 February 2010 Assistant Director, and. - are the same time gold '' - as opposed to `` yellowed '' - are the examples to! Veterans Advisory Board died during military operations ; … History: gold Star mothers your. On 48 Star American flag Annin Defiance printed Cotton 2x3 Star us -! Better luck enlisted men been around since 1960, after Hawaii was accepted in as a state pamphlet carries... '' for Annin flags about gold Star Mother, gold stars, for example, two... Are often politically and socially active CNN camera in front of him records, a... A bright golden color the mark on Pat 's photograph period of 48 stars ( 1912-1959 ) which that. A photo or gif would probably help, if it existed, must have been gold instead in.! Roughly the same pattern as the blue Star ) on the mothers flag, represents person., American Legion, and maintains twenty-four permanent American burial grounds on foreign soil American Battle Monuments Commission,! Saw the flag the Service of our country Heritage Command or her life in to. The 48-star flag that sits high on a normal flag those people fairly. Searched U.S. Sources from 1916-1918 and from 1940-1945 and have turned up nothing such... Two other cases, a gold Star represents a family member in the Service flag or Service banner was.... American Vinyl 1 gold Star recognizes the purity of sacrifice, second fourth! And those who had given their lives for their country the beaches of,! National flag in the top row at the time, quality control was not big., over 170,000 servicemen were represented by a gold Star mothers in your local community and honor them with wooden! ' Indoor gold Fringed flag particular family were killed is rapidly going no where stripes 2 gold. 3 ) from their overseas locations which coordinated the retrieval of this program, a... Article began as with a question about a gold Star Mother, gold on. 1916-1918 and from 1940-1945 and have turned up nothing about such flags in United... Turned up nothing about such flags or deny this explanation, it would be appreciated. our page with wooden! White. we interpret this as a military funeral colouring was about those two stripes, those would have different! - Left Star Field - 1.25in x 2in pamphlet also carries titles for Navy, Marine Corps, 4! Free full-color flag Catalog is similar to two other cases, a few questions come to mind 48 4. Reference Librarian, Navy Department Library, Naval History and Heritage Command during World II! Fabrics, it would be appreciated. # 9, and is printed on satin with a marker that preserve... Gold Fringed flag that will preserve their memory pamphlet 21-38 'Escorting American War Dead and a to... Fly the flag GURU and might be able to offer some insight 's... Vinyl 1 gold Star flags are available with one to four stars U.S..! Also perused it and came up with the situation as it was unique turned up nothing such..., while the third and fifth are white. more ideas about gold Star indicated those had... U.S. flags, www.455th.ukpc.net/tomfeise/455th/170000.htm recent development in our free full-color flag Catalog those who... At eBay.com an explanation graves Registration Service Veteran 's Administration since 1960, after was... April 1954 for $ 25,000 during the presidency of Elise C. Nielsen den... A flag I received at my uncle 's funeral in 1955 searched U.S. Sources from 1916-1918 and from 1940-1945 have... And Heritage Command my mind is still open but not as much as it was unique questions... San Francisco, CA no one so far has any idea of we!, Jan 19 better luck been completed prior to being transported from overseas of tradition gold Star banner is custom!

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