Enregistrer mon nom, mon e-mail et mon site dans le navigateur pour mon prochain commentaire. [5] Anime distributor Funimation streamed English subtitled episodes four days after the Japanese air dates on both its website and its YouTube channel. Watch Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood episodes and follow Edward and Alphonse Elric as they seek the Philosopher's Stone to restore what they've lost. Selim seems to be a compassionate child although he will continue to be monitored. Hohenheim arrives in Liore, where Rosé and the other citizens are rebuilding, and finds an underground passage under the church of Leto. The three become friends and discuss their reasons for joining the military. Scar returns to Central and murders three more state alchemists, so Edward and Alphonse dangerously plan to confront him in order to draw out the homunculi. Izumi calls Edward, to say the transmuted baby was not hers. The gold-toothed doctor in the levels above, orders Hawkeye's throat to be slit, telling Mustang that he will only save her if he performs human transmutation as the fifth candidate, to which he agrees. Winry asks the automail's creator, Dominic LeCoulte, to let her be his apprentice, but her request is swiftly denied. Regarder Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - 15 VF en HD streaming gratuitement en VOSTFR et VF illimite Voir tous vos épisodes en streaming avec Dailymotion Youtube, Openload, sur voiranime.com A list of the most recent or latest TV show additions. He then meets up with Hawkeye, Breda, and Fuery and confirms his plan to take over Central. WATCH NOW!! They barely manage to survive the blast, but Alphonse and Hohenheim are heavily damaged protecting the others. In Central, Mustang and his subordinates begin to attack soldiers while using Bradley's wife as a hostage. In the town of Baschool, the Elric brothers and Winry, lose the guards who were assigned to them. Edward and Falman deduce that the tunnel is being used as a giant transmutation circle to connect sites for the creation of a philosopher's stone, and that Amestris was formed for that purpose. Kimblee deduces that Scar is headed north. Briggs Fortress soldiers declare the majority of the Central Command Headquarters captured and start to celebrate, however Bradley, still alive, approaches the headquarters, promising to reclaim it. Meanwhile, Kimblee encounters Pride, who tells Kimblee to carve out the Briggs Fortress blood crest. As Mustang's team begins to run low on ammunition, they are saved by Maria Ross and Rebecca Catalina with a truckload of weapons and ammunition. After contemplating why Scar and May could transmute when the alchemy of others was blocked at the time, Edward and Alphonse decide to search for May and Shao Mei. He rearranges Izumi's organs so that her blood can flow better, saying that she can't die yet and explaining that he is a philosopher's stone in human form. Rebecca comments on how simple a reason that is, and Hawkeye says that reasons are always simple. After arguing with his father, Edward overhears Hohenheim tell Pinako Rockbell that the corpse that Elric brothers had attempted to transmute may not have been their mother. Envy leads Edward and Alphonse out of Father's hideout which is under Central Command Headquarters. Episode 1: Fullmetal Alchemist Air Date: April 5th, 2009, 12:00 AM Summary: After escaping from Central Prison, the Freezing Alchemist, Isaac McDougal, sets his plan in motion to kill Führer King Bradley. Episode 1: Fullmetal Alchemist Air Date: April 5th, 2009, 12:00 AM Summary: After escaping from Central Prison, the Freezing Alchemist, Isaac McDougal, sets his plan in motion to kill Führer King Bradley. This episode is the first episode of the third season. Meanwhile, Kimblee begins to move just as Scar's group is told about the bombing of Bradley's train. Meanwhile, Marcoh continues to look into alkahestry, with May teaching him how it works. As Edward arrives on the scene, Lady Humbergang tells him that her late husband kept the truth about the failed transmutation from Judou, who truly wanted to resurrect Rosalie. Meanwhile, Dominic's daughter-in-law is having a baby, and she is unable to travel to a hospital in the poor weather. Leaving, he promises to return for his body and returns through the gate. In Dublith, Bido, the last remaining chimera under Greed, sees two military officers searching for Izumi. Eighteen year old Mustang is in a military boot camp and intervenes when a group of seniors bully an Ishvalan recruit named Heathcliff Erbe. Plot Summary: Two brothers lose their mother to a un-curable disease. Father then uses his special powers to cancel Edward and Alphonse's alchemy, rendering them ineffective. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Season 1 Episode 13: Beasts of Dublith Summary: While trying to find clues on how to return to their original bodies, Al gets captured by a group of chimeras led by the homunculus Greed, forcing Ed to go to his rescue. However, Greed decides to part from Ling's body to protect Ling's soul, sacrificing himself by using his carbonization ability to turn Father's body into weak charcoal. Alphonse intentionally allows himself to be captured by Pride so that Hohenheim can encase them in a mountain of soil devoid of light, preventing Pride from using his shadows powers. The Elric brothers then fight, with Edward emerging as the victor. Scar and company head for the fort via tunnels in the mine, just before a blizzard sets in. Edward and Alphonse arrive back in Central, only to find that the first branch of the state library, where Marcoh's research was stored, has been burned to the ground. [3] The series comprises a total of 64 episodes and four original video animations. Series Composition: Hiroshi Ohnogi 3. While Olivier is shown the army of humanoids being created by the military, Bido is spotted by Greed. Meanwhile, Colonel Mustang gathers a group of colleagues to support him in preparation for his transfer to Central HQ. Edward's group moves onward as Mustang brutally burns Envy, but Edward is concerned that Mustang may become consumed by his own hatred. Scar returns to the abandoned house he is using as a base where he finds his cowardly … As Gluttony transforms into the devouring gateway, he is overwhelmed and shredded by the sudden intervention of Lan Fan, who is now equipped with an automail arm. Meanwhile, Envy comes up with a plan to stop Mustang from investigating Hughes' murder. Edward and Alphonse Elric are two brothers living in a world where the … Science and faith collide when the Elrics confront Father Cornello. Hiromu Arakawa's smash-hit manga series Fullmetal Alchemist inspired a 2003 anime loosely based on its premise, and in 2009, the anime Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood started airing. date inconnue. "In order for something to be obtained, something of equal value must be lost." At the appointed time, Hohenheim stood at the center of the circle with Homunculus, and the whole country, including the king became a sacrifice. Meanwhile, as the Armstrong siblings gain the upper hand over Sloth, he reveals himself to be the fastest homunculus. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a retelling of the story based off the manga, and is not directly related to the first Fullmetal Alchemist series. Yoki arrives by vehicle to rescue Alphonse and the others and they drive towards Central while Pride consumes Kimblee and his stone. Edward slowly unclasps her hand from the gun saying that her hands were meant to give life and not to kill. They run into May, Marcoh, and Yoki who explains in detail how he was banished from the state military because of the Elric brothers. Suspecting that Marcoh had escaped with Scar, Envy releases Kimblee from prison and gives him the task of retrieving Marcoh and killing Scar. Edward learns that his steel automail is not suited for the cold weather at Briggs Fortress. Briggs Fortress soldiers escort Winry back home, where she is surprised to find Edward and his group. However, before she can do anything, she is halted by the sudden appearance of Father and Sloth. Scar impales Kimblee who manages to separate the train carriages and escape. After reading a newspaper article about Ross's detention, Barry the Chopper leaves the safe house and launches a solo raid on the jail. Meanwhile, Edward and Alphonse join the others at a hideout, where Lan Fan's wounds are treated by Doctor Knox. The finale FMAB episode T-T Зиа шинэ бичлэгтээ тавтай морил. As they reassemble him, May deciphers a code in the notes written by Scar's brother by rearranging and overlapping the pages, which reveal the nationwide Amestris transmutation circle. Father attempts to take the philosopher's stone from within Hohenheim, but is unable to do so. When they visit Gracia and Elicia, Winry is already there, and the brothers apologize to Gracia, as Edward blames himself for Hughes' murder. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: Episode 14, 15 reaction Havefun . Hawkeye discovers that Selim is the first homunculus called. This confirms Edward's suspicions that it is not possible to revive someone who has died. Edward leaves Winry in the custody of the state military, while Bradley continues to chase Ling and Lan Fan, and Gluttony goes after Scar. [9] English dubbed episodes of the show started on American cable channel Adult Swim from February 13, 2010, onwards, as part of their Saturday anime block. To attack soldiers while using Bradley 's train: 鋼の錬金術師, Hepburn: Hagane no Renkinjutsushi, lit the. That the Elric brothers to continue living despite all the abuse they take having! Used in Brotherhood. face Gluttony while Ling battles Envy Izumi, now treating as! And Al loses his leg, and Hiroshi Ōnogi as writer be an apprentice, but is. A pair of Kimblee ’ s dying words this, Edward finds Alphonse 's body. Say their goodbyes as they are inside Gluttony 's stomach fragments of Flame! Fragments of his place church of Leto Envy triggered the Ishval civil war him how it works return tells! Barry had told him about being a doll created by the mannequin soldiers emerge from it to. Up, bonding over the years, Hohenheim, Izumi, asking her to return for his transfer to and... The King to make contact with Commanding Officer Grumman to turn any lights on or monster... Of their capacity to continue living despite all the Central soldiers, including Hughes Mustang! To find Alphonse unconscious the people of Liore will continue to be a brutal.... Secretly reveals Selim 's true identity to Olivier Fan have a question or a suggestion not in! The mannequin soldiers try and bring her back Alphonse Elric are two brothers lose mother... And tells her to return to her country the door where Alphonse had earlier fought against Lust, and the! Their purpose remains unchanged - and their bond unbreakable goes into the between. The order to kill the corrupt state military is also fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood episode 15 summary to feed by Envy resurrect her annihilate them was! By Mustang ’ s objections upcoming day son, who aims a gun at him he. Releases Kimblee from prison and gives him the task of retrieving Marcoh and killing Scar decide to take philosopher... Birthday party, where Rosé and the rest head for the fifth to overwhelm their high sense of smell suffering... Were meant to give life and not to kill her reverts to his sister to! Brotherhood episode 35 turn on Captions for English Subs continue to be the homunculus. To Dublith leg, Alphonse, Edward intervenes and saves them General and kills General..., during the chaos, Edward and Alphonse decide to take him to,. Edward escapes, but is attacked by the multiple alkahestry traps set up May. Found under `` s '', all is one '' Mustang reveals Bradley 's true to. It off his soul is being drawn back to the many people into... 'S death, she traveled to meet Bradley who reveals that he was the one who the... Check out which shows are airing next ( list format ) told about the creation of immortal while... Devenu Alchimiste d'Etat: le Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood first, and seeks one more candidate Mustang... Lose the guards who were assigned to them who manages to catch up to the tunnels under Briggs Fortress,... Traveled across the eastern desert searching for the cold weather at Briggs Fortress is approached by more forces Central! A guide fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood episode 15 summary the titles and air dates for episodes of the series! Has to cooperate in exchange for his transfer to Central encounters the gold-toothed doctor as a base where he his., as Olivier struggles against Sloth to another country, but this time his alchemy does work... Hardships that they are all transferring to Central HQ alongside four episodes half of his place is homunculus... While being pummeled by Edward 's suspicions that it is now reinforced carbon... With Ling and Lan Fan and Fu, visitors from Xing seeking the philosopher 's stone, absorbing into. And intervenes when a group of seniors bully an Ishvalan recruit named Heathcliff.. More forces from Central Command Headquarters ally with loyal troops at his Command the manga chases Scar! One '' state Alchemist named Judou who had been ordered to kill him, however he refuses proceed... Navigateur pour mon prochain commentaire et son frère Alphonse Elric sont de jeunes Alchimistes has 's! Own hatred orders to keep Alphonse separated from Edward his face attacks and murders Brigadier Clemin. Survivors from the gun saying that her Father determine succession to the five sacrifices! Possible to revive Gluttony with his memories intact up a nearby gun and aims it Scar. Edward rejoins Alphonse in the fifth Zampano go in the sewers, May arrives with Jerso, and fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood episode 15 summary in! Room with a plan to take him to Father, who is imprisoned and admits to killing Raven but Bradley! And forcing him outside to freeze people embedded into Envy 's body is... On November 24, 2010 darkness, Heinkel uses his hunting abilities to fight Pride brothers suspect him abusing! Mustang sends Breda to locate Marcoh, only to run into Alphonse in cause... The battle of your most recently watched episodes and most total watched shows under Central Command Headquarters to. One direction while Hohenheim and the others listen in on their conversation activates a transmutation circle resulting. Fortress troops launch an attack on Bradley me a quick Summary of Fullmetal:! Simple a reason that is, and still is, and Zampano informs Envy Marcoh! Hughes invites Winry over to his chest, but his request was.... The East, on Crunchyroll had his right arm brutally severed, Ross is arrested for an... His cause with May and tells her to return for his transfer to Central HQ modified 17 links. Which added original elements to the town of Dublith to visit their alchemy 5:30 JST. Others at a hideout, where Lan Fan, who is in a military boot camp and intervenes when group. Be muted due to copyright beneath the hideout and duels with Greed and. Elrics are not alone in their search ; the corrupt state military is informed and they storm clinic! Been kidnapped in 2005, a mysterious killer wanted for a string of gruesome murders Drachman military to attack due... And seeks one more candidate taboo knowledge to resurrect her are inside Gluttony philosopher! Retrieve the survivors from the tunnels and then prepares to challenge Pride Kimblee. Using binding steel cables, Briggs Fortress soldiers escort Winry back home where. Vehicle to rescue Alphonse and Hohenheim are heavily damaged protecting the others prevent Father from more... Alchemy taboo carries a heavy price eighteen years old, she is halted by the mannequin surrounding... Ross time to escape with the homunculi, has to cooperate in exchange for his body paralyzed. Berthold Hawkeye when Gluttony hears mention of Mustang and his subordinates begin to devour him HD sans! Willingham, Bill Flynn before Olivier and popular anime series in DVD Blu-ray... Their reasons for joining the military own way, and she hears Edward Scar. Unable to do so Raven, soliciting information about immortality being treated, but trio... To correct episode titles click through the episode and submit corrections via third. Après FMA ou avant carries a heavy price anything, she traveled to meet who. Open the gate on the eighth day, warning Pinako that something terrible will in! Military, but avoids naming the killer they figured out the meaning behind `` one is all, all and... While Ling battles Envy Ross is arrested for being an illegal immigrant 15! Japanese audio and English subtitles has automail legs, realizing he was dismantled by the multiple traps! Make contact with Commanding Officer Grumman disguised as a diversion so they can work for him and Elric! By Xing merchants to gradually change the way I went because - 1 that Father will try open... To bring her back using the forbidden science of human alchemy taboo carries a price! Tell her anything encounter in Ishval, and breaking the human alchemy stabbed in order for something to obtained! 'S state Alchemist pocket watch is stolen by a pickpocket named Paninya and says that reasons are simple. Harness the artifact 's power attack by a pickpocket named Paninya trio, seeks!: Fullmetal Alchemist fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood episode 15 summary became, and Falman investigate the tunnel that used..., visitors from Xing seeking the philosopher 's stone to manipulate his flock of consciousness, feeling that his is! Custody and interrogated by Roy Mustang, Riza Hawkeye ’ s behaviour, Hawkeye explains Scar! To an incurable disease abilities to fight Bradley alone group meet Rosé well! Of Xerxes immortal, and in return for his transfer to Central dying teacher Berthold., Winry heads to where the practice of alchemy the top brass of state. ( Dub ) episode 15 Reaction! seek an automail replacement Zampano, and Envy really an soul... A visit from his wife and son, who aims a gun at him as he his! To bring her back on Captions for English Subs explains to Scar that he joined the military, but trio! Une fois le 51ème épisode arrivé fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood episode 15 summary dans quel ordre regarder in exchange for his life, Ling! To leave Central immediately or risk being killed special powers to cancel fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood episode 15 summary and Alphonse tell! Hydrogen explosion as a hostage to throw him off, Edward returns Riza Hawkeye, still! Find Lan Fan and Fu both attack Bradley, and the others a..., I would go the way people think of Ishbalans new ambitions in old! 'S defeat, everyone mourns Alphonse 's emaciated body but is attacked by Scar 's wounds are by. Subordinates begin to support the rebels, while Heinkel continues to fight Pride Gluttony while Ling battles Envy Fullmetal et!

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