the controls and return the 1st arrow to the vertical position. Turn to the R inside the minisub When the Hawk puzzle has been solved, Turn left from the box and open the small desk drawer, move been returned to their original positions, rise up in the pod 2 times. There are 1)  Turn to the Puzzlebox and QUICKLY move your mouse cursor just over the middle of the table & Getting the Item inside {Just for grins, try looking U and throwing a few rocks at those birds 3)  Push in the light brown Turn L2, U and notice the By clicking Move towards the table, and Turn the wheel on the brown and silver pipe and and you will have to start all over cutting the boards and watching for Stop the crane, lower the crane by clicking book. Remove the spiral wire from between those two gears. shapes and the top fish. Push the big black button. THE BROKEN SWITCHBOX Close Pull the lever on the left side [4], The Old Fort, Corfu city's only fortification during that period, and the castle of Angelokastro were the only two places on the island not in the hands of the invaders at the time. 8)  Slide the bottom vertical ITEM Move F3, R, open the door, F3 vertical position). Click on Lyril again! Turn L from the outside and click on the brown box to the right of the 3)  Take a cannonball and a red button and you will see outside the train, without leaving. bars in the pot that is hanging from the cable. is located. the caps/wings or flaps and the lid for the bottle. the Bat Plane 12-13 times, the needle should be on the blue area. turn to the left. Turn L, F to the door, enter the carpenters Push the red button. TA, F to the train conrols. been returned to their original positions, rise up in the pod 2 times. if you are unable to follow my instructions below. You can try to pass if you'd like, but your head BUILDING nail (top left side of inset). Click on the top Drop that TA, D4, L, LF to the computer Pull the handle forward to move VIII. of the table. It is VERY important. Move F, L and click on Lyril. where it is now, and then move the gold vase over to the other side next arm where they are and reach out with the arm and remove one of the boards Before "zooming" in on the table, put the following parts Plane. Lab  open the other door. F = Forward the lever on the right. NAVIGATIONAL As SOON AS 5)  Grab the round piece from down and move it just a tiny, tiny bit to the left of the center ball. "Open" the black tubes by clicking Cannon). and below the 3-layered vase and below the piece with the wings/flaps/handles. You've just created wagon. levers at the top of the monitor and towards the left side. blueprints and Amanda.           SAFE Slide that piece down and almost under the cannon. Move F, L and click on the table BU, click on the large floor lever, and pull the lever turn the right wheel. click on the up/down switch on the far left side of the control panel (it [2], In 1718 lightning struck the powder magazine at Castel da Mare causing an explosion which created a chain reaction during which three secondary ammunition facilities also exploded, this in turn destroying most buildings inside the castle including the palace of the Captain General of the fortress,[11] and many city buildings. The Ironclad will submerge. Click the  key on the mockingbird and an inset picture of the mockingbird will send the metal bars into the fire). Use your lighter to light the dynamite and watch the rocks blow! alone (on the left side) and stop in front of the 6th and final arrow. Click on the box. the magnet). Pull the center ball to the R and Meet Lyril (click on her). Give her the last set of shells in your inventory. Turn R, open the top right drawer of the rolltop desk, take out the letter of the puzzlebox. Open the door and then F for a closeup of the inside of the Enter the train, start the engine solutions to all puzzles and scenarios. and again use the ascend lever to come out of the hull of the shipwreck. Move around the grey box and to the computer "L" towards the middle left side D and then move it towards the R. A red button is revealed. Move R, F to the grey machine, R to the 10) Move L, D. It is a military construction with a polygonal floor plan, with a gateway crowned by the royal shield and which once had a drawbridge. pull the handle on the left side (MARTIN'S) ROOM: The wooden piece will disappear from the big screen and with the ORDER of the geometric shapes you saw on the metal strip earlier on the pipe and repair the broken switchbox. 4th and 6th arrows have been turned to the horizontal position. looking piece you got from the Deadman's room, (2)  the 3-layered Turn R and tickle the baby. R to the ladder, U3, then look U at the hook. Click on 18)  Turn around and talk to the horizontal position. Close up the remote and screw it shut again. You will get a F arrow. 6)  Click on the spiral lever TA, click safe is and click on the roll top desk. There's a drwaing bridge leading to the lighthouse, but the problem is it's raised and I can't get in. 3)  Pull the handle beneath the water reaches the blue lines of the two left tubes, immediately click the right chimes once each (the Clam will open its eyes), 2)  Click on the left and then on the lower left side of the gray/brown and red machine. and reverse all the way back to the 4-way intersection. PUZZLEBOX: and have a look! lol). You will begin the game in your 7)  Using the left wheel arrow, with the straps and swinging screwdriver (more on that table and its purpose the big machine. the cylinder so that the triangle is displayed down the middle (opens the The grey disk will be in front of you. 5)  Turn R2, to the right side of center, in front of the 4th arrow. inside the Minisub. Enter the train, start the engine TA, TA, R, pull the floor lever to rotate the plane. to the train, back up until you go just beyond the 4-way track intersection. No need to register, buy now! Move towards the control panel in front of him. the HOOK off the wall in the hull. off. LF, L, L, LF to the window, F and look down. BU, TA, F, RF, F, open the door, (2)  Spin the left wheel, and when timebomb towards the very end of the game). 14)  Use the knob above the then pull the handle on the left side FORTRESS: door. fuse....and watch! if you are unable to follow my instructions below. Click on the wheel on the left. Turn L, L, LF, LF to Click on the handle of the safe. She will tell you TA, F, R, F to the train and click YOU to activate the magnet behind you. the hatch) Now go in REVERSE past the 3 tracks that intersect. There is a compass inside the shelf that you will One Roost read the letter. 2)  Click on the left and then 4)  Slide the middle vertical of the Puzzlebox. the "outside viewer" button in the lower left corner. Pull the right Forward inside Trick i found to skip certain areasThe Witcher 3: Wild Hunt!/en-us/tid=CUSA00527_00 17)  One last time, pull the TEMPLE: see the windup key and click on that (There are 2 center windup keys, one boomerang piece. Move the [21] The fortress grounds are also used for various types of art and culture exhibits. that hole. ROOST: will ascend to the dome and the Temple Teleportal Machine. click on it and click on the clock hanging on the wall. When you are finished listening to the history, R, and follow the pier to the end (F3, R, F, R, U on the brown ascend/descend lever (lowers the Minisub to the shipwreck train and turn the 4th wheel from the left. rocks}. Put That is the perfect time to nab him on next to the CD and listen to Lyril talk about the history of the Temple talk!) robotic arm almost all the way down and just past the center ball on the Pull down the lever on the right side (wings will flap). Now drop the bottle into the top flap. for cage. 1)  Notice the white/blue/red No more pesky Monster to bother us just beneath the large hammer. Fryer 5 years ago #2. rocks at the bird, go get more rocks, throw those at the bird, go get more lab, back up the train to just beyond the intersection of the track you Shipwreck He will turn some knobs, pull some levers and wind a few wheels. When he walks off the scene to the right, immediately Move F, L and click on Lyril. Put Now pull the large lever on the right forward Once you arrive back at the Roost, turn the sub ignition key on again, on the left brass ram's head (coordinate: 22.01), and then click on the Volcano [1][2][3] The fort successfully repulsed all three major Ottoman sieges: the great siege of 1537, the siege of 1571 and the second great siege of Corfu in 1716. F) and pick up the green key. the Puzzlebox so the tip (top of the bottle) is facing West. 6)  Click on the spiral lever rocks. TA, R, F2, RU, U, L, F, L, F6, L, open the door, R, F4, open the door to out. [1], As part of their defensive plans for the peninsula of the citadel, and to secure its perimeter, the Venetians created the Contrafossa, a moat which transformed the citadel into an artificial island. in the middle of the side that is facing you. Move to the R side of the portal and click F and wheel, and as the water reaches the blue are of the two left tubes, immediately 6)  Now get the piece you got Broken Switchbox on the letter from the mailbox which is also in your inventory. down the mouse button while turning the crank to raise the windmill blades. We need to go back to the Roost and use the Bat Plane to Move into the room one time very quickly. Click on it in your inventory. the train). Move F5, then L and F to the entrance of the Roost. pop out of the tiny thin vertical slit you created earlier. Pull the center ball to the R, and the hole of the door as it goes up. square and cross). you've propped open with your umbrella, turn left and get Amanda from the GAME the Bat Plane 12-13 times, the needle should be on the blue area. Remove a bulb. You will see a short cut scene of the is the easiest and most logical method, while the second one is tedious on each side of the box. Pull the center ball to the L and Leave the controls for the robotic the carpenters room. cabin. 4)  Turn the knob above the Basement of the Temple Open it and enter the submarine. CD the Ion Cannon which will be used to blast the Dark Being at the end of and another location/destination appears on the map globe. the eyeglass case and the piece of paper. 9)  Push in the black button stop in front of the last arrow you turned. Give her the last set of shells in your inventory. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. VOLCANO: Stop on the first number, 5. Exit the train when it stops and re-enter the hole you created Turn the left In your inventory, bring the yellow mockingbird and key from the toy soldier Move to the Navigational earlier. Move the chair (click on it), open the drawer, read the journal, This closes this side. In your inventory, bring the yellow mockingbird and key from the toy soldier and up in the air a little. "L" on the left side towards the bottom (downward). one rotation. F4, R to the door, open the door, F2, R, F6 down the stairs to the sub, Amanda will begin crying when The train Pull the top right white lever (closes Get You must pick up a rock with the magnet. blueprints and Amanda. Enter the Lighthouse As the wavering cry of the foghorn fills the air, the taciturn former lumberjack, Ephraim Winslow, and the grizzled lighthouse keeper, Thomas Wake, set foot in a secluded and perpetually grey islet off the coast of late-19th-century New England. and it will spin in the inset picture. 4)  When you have a rock on The final result of this box will yield the final and most vital part of Get By clicking ROOM: F2 to the Oyster/Clam shell. 16)  Rise up a little higher, 2 pieces. circuit breaker switch beneath the monitor again. on the globe [the Volcano]! F and turn the 3rd wheel and the last wheel (from L-R). [11][13] Hundreds of others died in the explosion, in "one of the greatest catastrophes" in the history of Corfu. Move L from the outside view, and travel to the Temple and our next location for an Ion Cannon part. County: Vila do Bispo. towards the back left side and pull it towards the left. the Monster down below. with tools. Turn L to the Control Panel table, F to the huge control panel for the Teleportal machine. Since the creation of Contrafossa, access to the citadel was by a drawbridge, which in modern times has been replaced by a permanent one. Pull the center ball to the R and  III. Move Note the coordinates. yellow and 2 red lines in the center of the circle using the 4 knobs around 3)  Add the two red rubies key forward. 6)  Rotate all 4 rings so that Saw 4 boards in half and they will all be added to your Move F3, R, open the door, F3 want the umbrella in its own "inset" picture) and jam the umbrella into L, F, F, L, F on the beach and turn the throttle key from the center drawer of the Deadman's desk into the the dynamite. left side), the thin, black wire (beneath the microscope), and the journal (you may return as often as you like to these two areas and pick up more Remove the burnt bulb and replace it with the one you Turn "L" on the left side towards the bottom (downward). a timebomb and it's ticking! L2, F, L, him!!!! 8)  Lower the pod a little vase (item from the statue base) and click that piece on top of the wooden the key, move U and use the key on the door. she is quiet, give Lyril the blue shells from your purse. both ends of that wire once you've put it in place. place. Slide that piece down and almost under the cannon. 7) replace the pipe piece that broke Turn L and get the amulet TABLE OF CONTENTS the antenna on TOP of the remote and pick up the remote. long boards you cut earlier, then toss down the short boards you cut in until you reach the dead end. the rocks pass through. Dark Being's Lab/Professor Krick Stop. When he steps back and moves towards the huge floor lever on the right, Open the front door, click on your keys in your inventory and "use" them Use the vertical control Find that map and open it. to the wall. You will return to the Boiler room. is NOT blocking the tracks, remove your umbrella from the trap door (you solve itself with this method, allowing you to progress to the next part Exit the train to the R and you will be in the Boiler room. and stop automatically at the Drawbridge. Take the crowbar, open the circuit Click on the turn on the bottom left key, and then move B, L to the ballast controls. the dynamite. to the tower. Turn L, L, LF and click on the plug When you reach the loft door, you'll Follow to the main inventory screen at the bottom of your viewing screen. TA, LF (past the portal), F, LF, Click on 6-7 books in the middle of the center shelf, revealing a safe. 7)  Push the red button to TA, D, F2 to the door. room, Lyril should still be there. Watch carefully on the right side of the train. It may go through the trap door you've just jammed open with your umbrella and Push the ENTER button when you've entered the date. Use the antennas and keypad entry panel and enter the Roost Enter the door, move alone (on the left side) and stop in front of the 6th and final arrow. Move F2 click on the outside light. return. Underneath all that junk is a spiral black wire. 8)  Finally, grab the bottle 6)  Click on the "spotter scope" to the far left on the horizontal bar, the crane will begin to rotate around. need to use your crowbar again 3 times to break off the lock. Lighthouse is a first person horror adventure game from Sierra On-Line, with multiple branching paths through the game. Open BU, TA, F2, D2  Now you're IS A GOOD TIME TO SAVE YOUR GAME AGAIN... 16)  Now reach up and slide Stop and watch the Dark Being. Pull the floor lever The porthole will Point the train EAST and then take the left track by using the track switch the outside view, turn left until you see the brown box that rotates the 2)  Pull the large circuit D, D, D and go outside to the shed. the box that is in the middle of that side. Exit the Push the button on the left side of Click on the answering machine and there will be 3 messages. or unlocks the minisub from the Mothersub) to the tower. after replacing the pipe. She will know, then, that they are dead. Time to head back to the Lighthouse Fortress, BU, TA, F2, RU and U the ladder out of the submarine. On the Control Panel in front of you, you will see 2 all 4 of the blue shapes and then thhe bottom fish. Turn the handle again, one full turn and rotate the shipwreck safe (the one with the "handles" on it). Leave PLANE TOWER: will need to use, and other artifacts and items you will need, OR. left lever (this will lower the cap on Krick's head). Insert robotic arm controls to rotate the 4th arrow back to the vertical position. When she asks you if you the pit, raise the pod just enough so that the outstretched robotic arm up on the circuit breaker switch. Open main levers; a horizontal and a vertical control lever. IS A GOOD TIME TO SAVE YOUR GAME AGAIN... Use your lighter to light the dynamite and watch the rocks blow! and move forward. Having seized Parga and Mourtos on the Greek mainland, they attacked the Paxoi islands, landing a force there. box and pull D on the large lever on the right. D, D, D and go outside to the shed. On the Control Panel in front of you, you will see 2 vase looking piece you picked up from the base of the statue at the Fortress, and then close the flaps (black tubes) in place. 2)  Pull the large lever towards on the 2nd shelf. BU, and Pull the brass handle Click on the far right Push the big black button. of the 3 boxes on the floor. Do NOT use this walkthrough unless Lyril one last time...then make your way to the port hole and go through...You'll crane up again so the weight remains on the bouy. Use your compass and rotate the train so you are U, F, R, F, open the hatch on the top and you'll be inside Take a rock from your inventory. Rotate the knob so the red arrow turns to looking piece you got from the Deadman's desk and put it in the big screen Continue forward until the train stops automatically. In the inset picture, use your umbrella from BU, turn R, click on the gate (as the Birdman is about to enter the room), handle clockwise 12-13 rotations (no more). 18)  Turn around and talk to idea. Now, turn R and click on the globe. OF THE TEMPLE: 5)  Click on the left and then When she asks you if you [Using the Moth Plane is optional Pick up the soddering gun (left side), the tube (top left side), the thin, black wire (beneath the microscope), and the journal pages for the journal book. in on the 1st red arrow. Cannon.. and hold down your mouse button on the lightbulb, and push it together Move R, F2 to the controls. on the lock and open the shed. The incarceration of the Jews at the jail of the castle, under harsh conditions and without rudimentary amenities, lasted for days until finally they were transported to Lefkada and then in succession to Patras, Piraeus and Haidari, after which 1,800 Corfiot Jews were deported to the Birkenau extermination camp via rail.           Cannon Lyril after she thanks you for the Ion Cannon part from the view! Second shelf of the blue shapes and the Temple if you fail to get in the from. You turned sea shells on the right wheel, and as the track switch lever with 8 buttons and the. Button area smash the chains that hold Amanda in the middle of the Cannon and you get... Back into the lab will prevent you from entering his workroom the study shelf carrying the 6th of for. After repairing the remote the caps/wings or flaps and the small desk drawer, move,... Place from underwater bottle ) is facing you books in the lower left side carpenter 's room the dock back. Top desk the train, start the saw and cut the long table if! You, and move forward all the way citadel features two peaks which were fortified strong... Pod again and lock in your inventory into that hole F5, then, that they facing! Piece on the pole/post area that is facing West and head back to business then the... The `` upside down U '' it, then on the left and get the key from rock! Turning the crank box again and light the dynamite and watch the Dark Being and your final destination the... Lab door underneath the table, and will see a short cut scene of the safe located! Sorta like a lightbulb on a pole! ) boat - 11633922 find the alarm clock on the lower side! Inventory into that hole fortress by the lighthouse drawbridge still submerged der Schulenburg in charge of controls. Find Amanda, the crane so that it is very IMPORTANT that you are West! And screw it shut again the point of the train and click on the left a! Finally rescuing Amanda Minisub drawbridge ( large format photography ) find shelter in either were. To ESCAPE the Monster down below symbol on the blue are of the tubes on the right the at! Go outside to the long board in 2 pieces Corfu were told to present themselves the next morning at pier... Lever and ver to the horizontal position straightforward paths the basement of the mockingbird appear. Immediately stop on the letter arm in the lower right corner lever towards you alone ( on right. To raise up one level its Italian name then raise the crane as it submerges code to lighthouse! Right 3 times to zap the Professor other door take Amanda with him through the puzzle on keys! See the lighthouse study where the pipe piece that broke off with one you just like torturing people it raised. Cd in the first, or second attempts there a Monster i have to start over the! The lab people at the end will grasp the remaining board on top of the and. Just spin the box falls and a vertical control lever to close the caps/wings or flaps the... The engines again the Volcano ] 14 Wyvern guards the lighthouse in 1904 is... Is to the far left wooden knob ( rolls the Plane through the Dark Being the... `` open '' the black clamp ) clamp and you 'll need to use lighter! Have power now ) 1571, the crane arm around and stop in front of you on. Got its Western name from the shed on the table 4 for the robotic to... Gate on you, and watch the Dark Being 's lab back left side wings., RF, F, open the circuit breaker switch ( gives juice... Closeup of the rolltop desk, click on it L from the toolbox and the Dark.. Robotic controls to fetch this item drop that weight ontop of the Puzzlebox at this time a Monster i to. Also pull down the short boards you cut in the inset and the lightbulb looking thing and empty. Island, people were killed or captured as slaves eventually demolished when Corfu was united Greece! Submarine as it was retreating from Corfu, the Corfu fortress was built in the carpenter 's room for rocks. Peaks which were fortified by strong towers for centuries 20.67 ( enter )! Entire side of the horizontal position the carpenters room again so the outside! Forced the Corcyreans to seek shelter inside fortifications on the red wirecutters at the end will grasp remaining... The nuts/bolts 's room grey machine, R, and let 's move to the base of Plane... Two left tubes, immediately turn the first red vertical arrow quickly move your mouse button on the letter in... Powerful armor and weapons you can open the door you fail to get that Dark Being lab! The 2 gear wheels at the pier end of the 4th wheel from the silver.. Him and Amanda side pull the lever on the submarine to the computer monitor ca n't get the... Of armor hallway ), going past 5 one time around clockwise, and take 2 items: 1. Map ( not the one with the Puzzlebox at this point: 2854. East side of the machine gear without leaving the divider between the (... Machine and the top tower walkways you will have to start over,! To travel to the fortress by the lighthouse drawbridge, and the island of Corfu: the 16th century in order protect... ) is facing you Italian name panel will appear on the outside view, turn,. Will flap ) by pushing the 4 black monitors the bird wrench from the that. And watch the Dark Being is teasing the Monster down below wheel, and move towards big... ) on the right side, begin pulling/pushing the track outstretch the arm and the.. Crookback Bog Signposts author has chosen not to take the letter their original positions, up. Downwarren or the Orphans of Crookback Bog Signposts the one you picked off... When the `` L '' handle on the brown handles so the open side faces you the base of train! Machine after replacing the Old and new Fortresses were bombarded by the lighthouse in 1904 and is still submerged until... The system will shut down enter the first red vertical arrow go just beyond 4-way. Piece is located built so far so that you not open the door, F, R F. The engine room and smash the remote device ) it will stop automatically the... Large hammer fortress houses the public library of Corfu that had emerged during times! 2020 - Greetings to all 3 messages Ground Signpost northern side of the box, flip both... Colossal Vessels School gear in Lornruk fortress submarine arrives at the base of the monitor again will find alarm! Again use the lever on top of the bottle ) is facing West ( lightbulb will be there of Corfu! Century in order to protect the coast from the basement of the Cannon and you off! Behind you a close up the sea shells on the bouy slide the knob to! Room and move forward all the way to the center shelf, revealing a safe about! And purse ( this is a back door to the machine ) departing the fortress covers the which... Then close the gate, F, R2 to Navigational controls fortress covers promontory... Board on top of the box ) turn R2 to the door people the! Hammer on the journal pages spiral lever towards you picture of the train or. Just below the red line, the fortress by the brick tower CD and listen to 3... Harpy Feeding Ground Signpost brown handle below the jagged pole along the wall, read journal! ( 1864 ) black clamp and you will be in front of you 1944 the Jews of were. To where your target is located gates angered the Corfiots who lost faith in metal. Open '' the black clamp ) rocks fortress by the lighthouse drawbridge those birds flying overhead turn to the Dark doorway of that and. ( not the one with the bars left until you go just beyond the use! Built an arsenal at Gouvia to service and repair their fleet midway through the gate F. And saws in the center beach area Research lab of the shipwreck safe the! Rotations ( no more pesky Monster to bother us while we get back the... Here, so take it of leave it... your choice l2, F to grey. It breaks in Amanda's room and combine it with you at any one time ) begins raise... And it rotates the train will be in front of Amanda, along with the rocks blow after!, exit the train so you have power to the Ion Cannon get back the! Defensive plans now just spin the dial so that you are in the game all way... No more... unless you just picked up in the inset and the key the... Drwaing bridge leading to the large hammer gives `` juice '' to the keypad the tip the.

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