Here’s how it went, plus a few photos. A comprehensive guide to the Cape Wrath Trail, one of the most challenging long distance walks in the UK, published by Cicerone and now in a fully updated Second Edition. Ein Weg, dem der Wanderer einfach folgen könnte, ist nur im geringen Maße zu finden. Read on to find out! The book. Length 219.3 mi Elevation gain 24291 ft Route type Point to point. Or, you know, get a good GPS device. So plan your gear accordingly. Cape Wrath (Schottisch-Gälisch: Am Parbh, An Carbh in Lewis) ist ein Kap in Sutherland, Highland, im nördlichen Schottland.Das Kap stellt den nordwestlichsten Punkt der Insel Großbritannien dar.. Der Name Cape Wrath (auch englisch für Zorn oder Wut) stammt vom altnordischen Wort für "Umkehrpunkt". Cape Wrath Trail Gear List. The Cape Wrath Trail (CWT) is an unofficial, unmarked long-distance route between Fort William and Cape Wrath, the farthest NW point in mainland Britain. Since there is no official Cape Wrath Trail, I’m free to wander off on side trips as much as I like. Folks looking for a comprehensive trip report may be disappointed this time. Theme by Jason M Design. Der Cape Wrath Trail ist ein ca. There is a lot of really great info online about the Cape Wrath Trail. The route leads you across most of the north west coast of Scotland via Morar, Knoydart, Torridon and Assynt, winding through its most beautiful glens and mountains. Here's our advice after spending two weeks on the Cape Wrath Trail, with links to the most helpful articles online and our own (slightly adapted) itinerary. The Route. Overall I was happy with my gear selections on the Cape Wrath Trail. Starting in Fort William and finishing at Cape Wrath, the 400km, 8-day journey winds through the world's most inspirational landscapes including Knoydart, Kintail, Torridon, Assynt, and Sutherland. The Cape Wrath Trail takes you to beaches, glens and mountaintops that see very few humans pass by in a year. There will be strict cut-off times. Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), next part of my Cape Wrath Trail adventure, Transportation issues at Cape Wrath (see above), The trail has steeper ascents if coming from the north, though it does mean “knee crushing” descents if coming from the south, The sections in the southern part are more technical*, but shorter in distance, Getting to Cape Wrath at the start was a waste of a couple of days where at the end those days were part of my recovery time. There are no signs or posts to show you the way; navigating this trail is one of the things you’ll have to take care of yourself. Aufgrund der Steigung und Distanz ist die Strecke nur für erfahrene Abenteurer geeignet. Beth and Damian made their attempt in winter when there is around 6 hours of light each day in Scotland. The Cape Wrath Trail is one of Britain’s toughest long distance walking trails. This has little to do with its duration or elevation levels. What to expect from the Cape Wrath Trail. How is the trail different in winter? Pack light. with a cup of coffee :) I had to decide what to do next: go to Skye right away or do something else first? What is the Cape Wrath Trail? Cape Wrath Trail Complete is a 219.3 mile point-to-point trail located near Fort William, Highland, Scotland that features a river and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. Outdoors Father is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by linking to Quitting is something to proud of and nothing to be ashamed of! The route is unmarked and there is no official line. The Cape Wrath Trail is a remote and challenging 200-mile hike through the Scottish Highlands. The Cape Wrath Trail (let’s call it the CWT from now on) is known as Scotland’s most challenging long-distance trail. I’ve given myself 10-12 days in-country to take the time to hike famous several ridge walks as I work myself north toward Cape Wrath. The four reasons I did not manage to complete the Cape Wrath Trail in the time I set out are: Physical demands; Mental and emotional demands; Trail conditions ; Gear failures; Two of the above are my own doing, one is part of the route’s character (which a bit more time could have solved) and one caught me by surprise. Cape Wrath / ˈ r æ θ / (Scottish Gaelic: Am Parbh, known as An Carbh in Lewis) is a cape in the Durness parish of the county of Sutherland in the Highlands of Scotland.It is the most north-westerly point in mainland Britain. The Cape Wrath Trail is actually not one path but an entire system of them. 320 km langer Weg durch die nord-westlichen schottischen Highlands von Fort William bis nach Cape Wrath ganz im Nordwesten. The Cape Wrath Ultra® is Scotland’s finest multi-stage ultra running event. The Cape Wrath Trail is challenging and frustrating, mostly because the "Cape Wrath Trail" is something that someone (probably on the internet) made up. But this time, I plan to mix things up a bit. The Cape Wrath Trail is a long distance walk from Fort William to the northwesternmost point of mainland Britain, Cape Wrath. So for those of you interested in walking to Cape Wrath, it’s time to dust off those map-and-compass skills! The route is unmarked and there is no official line. The Cape Wrath Trail does not offer hikers the luxury of certainty: flexibility is a critical part of the trailblazer’s mountain kit. This is typical Cape Wrath Trail, as in there is no trail. The leaves may be unfurling on the trees, but it’s an excellent time to start considering this very special British winter backpacking journey… Contents. 390km) from Fort William to the northwesternmost point of mainland Britain, Cape Wrath. It is approximately 200 miles in length and is considered to be one of the most challenging long distance walks in the UK. Viel mehr ist es ein Netzwerk an einander gereihten Wanderstrecken (durch teils wegloses Gelände) mit vielen Alternativrouten, die dich über 370 km durch die nordwestlichen Highlands von Fort William nach Cape Wrath führen. The Cape Wrath Trail is a long distance walk (approx. I planned the walk in the winter of 2010/2011 as part of my Great British Walk. Pfade. Somewhere near Ben Dreavie – Cape Wrath Trail. Now I’m a freelance, I can (kind of) afford to allow myself time to complete the Trail in my own time, at a pace that suits the conditions and my own fitness. It is a superb route for very experienced long-distance backpackers, passing through magnificent wild landscapes for most of the route, with the freedom to choose your own exact route; there are two common variations starting via Glenfinnan (West, shown in our map below from Przemek Szapar) and via the Great Glen (East). Lastly, the Cape Wrath Trail crosses the Scottish Highlands and as such has three major challenges: the weather, the fact that it is so remote and rarely travelled, and the critters (midges and ticks). For the experienced backpacker it offers an irresistible challenge: over two hundred miles of continuously superb hiking through the most beautiful landscapes in Scotland. The Cape Wrath Trail is generally regarded as the hardest walking challenge in Great Britain. Other resources online make it sound incredibly hard, but I think it is manageable for any prepared hiker. It usually takes 2-3 weeks to complete and is considered the most difficult long-distance walk in the UK. 390km) from Fort William to the northwesternmost point of mainland Britain, Cape Wrath. It takes place annually in With a visible trail it’s easy to keep track, but with nothing to focus on, and a landscape such as this, it wasn’t hard to get confused. Hikers usually take at least 20 days to complete the trail. Despite some wet and wild weather, I was never uncomfortable during the hike and felt prepared for any meteorological scenario that may have occurred. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Have you done the Cape Wrath Trail (or its parts)? It’s a good step up from waymarked trails such as the West Highland Way and Pennine Way – although both routes make good initial training for the CWT. Say 'thanks for the read!' There are a million different variations, directions, and ideas when it comes to this route. There is no official route, nor any defined path but the overriding premise is to walk in the remote and wild north west of Scotland from Cape Wrath to Fort William. Almost every stage has at least two, if not three, possibilities. Categorised lists of all the gear I use that can be found on Amazon: The Cape Wrath Ultra® is based on the Cape Wrath Trail, which is considered to be the toughest long distance backpacking trail in the UK.It crosses rugged landscapes and winds through genuine wilderness spending significant time away from civilisation. Der Cape Wrath Trail (oder CWT) ist nicht wirklich ein festgelegter Fernwanderweg, denn es gibt weder eine feste Route noch findet man irgendwo Wegweiser. It goes through ten places that could loosely be termed towns or villages in its entirety, but few of these will coincide with the end of a day’s trekking. It typically takes between two and three weeks to walk. The great adventure from the day before convinced me to leave the Cape Wrath Trail for another time. Cape_Wrath_Trail_Przemek_Szapar_Scotland.gpx. Cape Wrath Trail Complete ist ein 219.3 Meilen langer Streckenabschnitt in der Nähe von Fort William, Highland, Schottland. Cape Wrath trail route. In February 2019, I hiked 299 miles from Ardnamurchan Point to Cape Wrath, the north-westernmost point of mainland Britain, mostly following the Cape Wrath Trail. The average time to walk the Cape Wrath Trail is three weeks, yet the ultra runners will have just eight days to finish. Er führt entlang eines Flusses, durch schönen Wald und es gibt schöne Wildblumen und oftmals Wildtiere zu sehen. But if you put some effort forward, you'll see some pretty spectacular scenery and get a damn good taste of the Scottish highlands. Why would you want to do it in winter? Hiking, Filming & Dog gear) The race starts in Fort William on May 20 and finishes at the lighthouse on the cliffs of Cape Wrath, the UK’s most north-westerly mainland point, on May 27. I decided that I had to do it. The Cape Wrath Trail is one of the world's finest long distance walks. As with most days in Scotland, the skies and cloud formations were stunning. I had to keep an eye on navigation all the time. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Some things, however, definitely took us by surprise. Cape Wrath Trail Tip 15 – Pack One Gas Canister and Refuel on the Trip You can buy additional gas canisters at London stores in Rhiconich; Ullapool (there are two hiking shops so you can get most things inc. tent repair splints); the shop at Kinlochewe (9am-5.30pm) and the garage/campsite shop at Shiel Bridge (closes at 6pm). Wikinger kehrten hier oft zurück in ihre Heimat. The Cape Wrath Trail is an unofficial long distance trail and as such it is very remote and rarely walked. I have always been drawn to those remote and hard trails – maybe it is my need to feel that I’m on the edge and pushing my survival limits – so the Cape Wrath Trail became my goal in the UK. The Cape Wrath Trail is a long distance walk (approx. The trail offers a number of activity options. Cape Wrath Trail is a hiking route that runs through the Scottish Highlands and along the west coast of Scotland. No, the CWT is challenging because it will take you across some of the most wet, marshy, pathless, wild and generally difficult terrain the northwestern highlands have to offer. Here’s what to expect: 1.Wet feet. The Cape Wrath Trail is the expedition of a lifetime, traversing 200 miles of Scotland's wildest and most beautiful country. Expectations vs. reality; This feature is part of our digital Cape Wrath Trail content. There's nothing else in Britain like it. At over 200 miles long, it takes aspirant crossers from out underneath the shadows of Ben Nevis at Fort William through the remoteness and isolation of the Scottish mountainscape to Cape Wrath, the UK’s most north-westerly point. Es gibt verschiedene Aktivitätsmöglichkeiten. „Trail“ in diesem Fall mit „Weg“ zu übersetzen mag aber bereits irreführend sein. Beth Pascall and Damian Hall attempt to break the self-supported FKT (Fastest Known Time) on the Cape Wrath Trail, the notoriously tough 230-mile trail in north-west Scotland, which stands at 7 days, 9 hours and 31 minutes and was set in April 2018. The Cape Wrath Trail, besides being Britain’s most remote long-distance trail, is also a noticeably unmarked trail. T he Cape Wrath Trail is the best long-distance hike in the UK. The route is unmarked and there is no official line.

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