Hi. Every time I certify, I get an email saying my claim is not payable. I received my first weeks payment, and now for my next weeks payments it says my last payment date was 4/12, but when i go into my payment activity it says it is “outstanding” where it should say “paid” WHAT DOES OUTSTANDING MEAN 🙁, I am having same problem filed on the 22nd I was approved but it stated when I went to apply that the WEB was not available at this time try back this is ridiculous I should not have to wait to get paid they need to start processing so I can get paid. The status of my claim has moved once; from “pending” to “filed” (last Friday) it did include dates filed, and next payable week 3-28. We got hung up alot or the call would drop. What do I do now? And I have also emailed the unemployment department and have received no response. SOMEONE ANSWER But when i certify it says my claim is not payable at this time. In New Jersey, the weekly maximum is $731; the minimum is $231. were (32). Im on the urge of tears because i have to pay my rent and have no idea where to get the money . PLEASE HELP!!!! I think the week of 3/15 is the key here. The same thing happened to me. I suggest calling first thing in the morning, when the lines open up. Will it take extra time? It’s been 3 weeks . I had 2 jobs school employee What can I do at this point? I went to file my weekly benefit on 4/14/20 for week ending 4/12. Apparently the first set of questions were for the last week I had worked, (i didn’t pay attention to the dates that were listed so I assumed it was for the first week I was out of work), once I clicked claim another week it had me answer the same questions but this time I noticed the date was for the week I was out of work, so I answered them again and once I submitted those answers it gave me the amount I was due for that week. where do you see pending? Enter my SS# and nothing. This is the PDF I am referencing above. I have the same problem, I was getting paid and suddenly no letters no email, just “not payable at this time” did you get this resolved? MY REGULAR NJ STATE UNEMPLOYMENT RAN OUT IN JANUARY 2020. Can’t get through to anyone on the phone. I know the call center says they have high volume of calls. That’s a 1,600% increase in volume. I was unemployed on 2/14, collected 4 weeks and got a new job that I never started, but they paid me for 3 weeks and got unemployed again.  Is there a way I can fix this situation online. We are all accountable for that money. Hello. When I tried to certify, it says “your certification cannot be processed at this time” impossible to reach anyone with answers. And need to speak to an agent. Same happened for me! I filed my claim, received claimant ID, tried to certify on date told to do so. I applied 3/15/20 was approved received my first the following week. I’m frustrated. I also applied March 22nd. No response! Do you get a confirmation that the payment was processed? All my information has been submitted. PENDING CLAIM If your claim status is "Pending” it means your claim has not filed yet. Nj unemployment claim issue - certification can not be processed, New Jersey, 25 replies NJ Certification Cannot Be Processed , Unemployment, 2 replies Follow City-Data.com founder on our Forum or Substitute teaching is a rewarding and flexible way to develop your career on your terms. See the link below: Updated Mar 26, 2020; Posted Mar 26, 2020 ... DOL also offered this guidance to understand the certification process. Good luck and stay safe. Didn’t post. They aren’t stupid.. CAN SOMEONE PLS HELP ME. Hi, My last day of work was March 15th on a Monday. Same here ! If our free tools aren't enough, we partner with a US-based company with live tech support experts available 24/7. This is terrible…. Mine is a temporary reduction in hrs. no money. My status still says pending – no dollar amount & no other information. I emailed them too . I tried emailing the unemployment center & calling, no ones there to answer. People I work with have been getting theirs weekly. Im thinking I need e-Adjudication? claim status is $0 is that a denial? my reg. I’m in tears now, I cannot get thru to unemployment and my children and myself are gonna be homeless soon. This is where the frustration comes in as I have been calling 20+ times per day for the last 4 weeks or so and I can’t talk to anyone!!!! Received and activated debit card, no funds there either, although certifying page says “direct deposit”.  I keep checking my claim status and it has a previous employer from a year ago. I just need to find out why it’s not working even tho I got my papers saying I’m filed and all good someone please help me I’m desperate. why am I being excluded from relief? The crazy thing is the weekly dollar amount and total payable amount changed also. Extremely confusing and upsetting to say the least. …so now its a waiting game for NY. I have only been back to work after an unpaid maternity since November. Also no one knows if we are supposed to get the 600 extra a week. Have you received yours yet? I understand things are difficult right now, but some sort of feedback would be greatly appreciated. I have not worked a sufficient number of days to replenish my unemployment benefits. I filed back in March when this all started. Good luck to you all. I claimed unemployment benefits starting March 1st, 2020. What do I do next? It said allow 2 business days, but it have been 4 business days! I have no idea why. Then it says my claim status is exhausted. And a 2nd part time job. Trying checking there. 2. claim not payable at this time, also owe from overpayment last year, not sure if they will take out the $600 to pay back, Has anyone gotten this resolve ? Here's What NJ Finally Said In Unemployment Pay 'Endless Battle' - Toms River, NJ - Many residents remain frustrated as NJ Gov. I am a self-employed musician. I have sent out multiple emails, called tons of different numbers and am getting nowhere. They already reduced our hours. I am in healthcare and have been attempting to assist my spouse with his claim. Hey how you doing I applied for unemployment on March 23 and till this day it still shows pending and I haven’t received an email or anything about my claim. This is pretty stressful knowing we got our bills coming up shortly and we cant survive with just my moms unemployment check.. Please, please help by answering my specific circumstance question. Naomi i was in the exact same situation but was called last night about 6 pm. I am a home Contractor 1099. That was tricky though. I am now over a month without unemployment benefits. Then it gives phone numbers that I have not been able to get through to anyone. This is something we all pay into and now can’t access it when we need it. i finallt felt relief when seeing i was approved and now im all of sudden not. I received an email stating I would get the decision in 14 days. Three weeks now myclaim says not payable at this time. Same Here Cuz I Dod Mines On March 15 Never Did Unemployment So I Am A Lil Lost. This is so frustrating. Weird thing is 4 days after my initial filing, I was able to claim for that first partial week. Filed 3/15/2020 and every week I claim it says “not payable at this time” I stopped calling because we all know its useless . Same here!! Please help! It should also be noted that PUA is available retroactively to January 27, 2020 and will continue through December 31, 2020 as long as the individual’s unemployment, partial unemployment, or inability to work caused by COVID-19 continues, up to the maximum of 39 weeks. Any help ? i filed in March and all i get are those emails. We posted an Appeal through the website, to which we received an email stating: “We are pleased to inform you we have completed an automated review of your New Jersey Unemployment Insurance claim. She just claimed her last check this week, but no word on the extention weeks, , they say she will get it , but when , does she have to re apply ? This is totally insane. I can’t call the system hangs up on you. It’s been like that for 6 Certifications. I’d be happy to take a job and help process the claims if that were possible. Sorry about your situation but you have to go online and file a pua application because you said you don’t have enough money for unemployment but if you haven’t yet you have to first file for regular unemployment benefits and then after a decision is made about that,you can apply for PUA benefits and the 13 weeks is only for people get regular Unemployment benefits but you will get PUA benefits and the extra 600 but you have to have a weekly benefit rate of at least 163$ or else you will get nothing.So i hope everything works out for you, Yeah I been waiting 3 weeks I’m gonna starve before I get paid plus bills are behind wtf is this gonna have to be a war cause I’m ready I’m starving, dude i applied on march 15th i claimed 5 weeks and were supposed to get 600 per week on top of that so 2 weeks normal then 3 weeks of 600 plus your normal benefits i got nothing, My payments are being forfeited but covid payments aren’t showing up as a payment. You should be able to speak to a living person at one of these numbers. All my fellow workers are receiving their claims plus the $600. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO? I’m really ready to just end it all. Very haphazard system. Four weeks later I was finally allowed to certify for those five weeks, but each one stated not payable. And what happens if I get recalled to work again? Can someone please help. Please help ! i filed on 3/29 and it is still pending. Now the system indicates that I have entered the wrong pin which is totally incorrect. Thank you. I’m in the same boat. So I can’t go any further there. The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development has said it has been fortifying its computer system and call center to get through the backlog.. One problem is … I still have access to the same hours but I only get paid for talk time which in the last two weeks has decreased by about 50 percent. The school pays me Appeal? As well, I don’t know if we are entitled to the 600 or not. I’m in the same exact boat. I also know that the government is overwhelmed with the amount of claims. But of course I cant get through at all. My sister is going through the same thing! I don’t see how a buddy of mine who was a sub par mechanic is receiving full benefits and the extra $600 and then a veteran like me who’s served for 6 yrs and unfortunately got temporarily stuck in the middle of switching branches due to this corona virus isn’t receiving anything. i even certified for weekly benefits on my schedule and still no money showed up. It tells me to keep certifying my benefits weekly, but its no longer allowing me to!! Stop being silly and open the phone lines. Or is this a denial. Did anyone else receive the BC-3C form “Notice to Claimant Determination”? This big brother type govt is all smoke no help to the people struggling. I have a confirmation number of my initail claim and am afraid that i will mess something up if i claim again. Are they behind paying? When will the pending status change on unemployment It’s been 10 days since filed. I hope someone read all these comments with the same issue and help is all. Reopen? Still no money and no answers. Is anyone getting any responses to posts here? A lot of us have no savings left. anyone have any iDeas ??? So I had doctors note I was out for 3 days. it took me almost two weeks of non stop calling. From normal, so who is dealing with this would be much appreciated status for 5 claimed... Vote the bums out your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020 emailed to me & let me put my status! Apply it no more its give me some kind of notification of ’... Did, it came back as 0 $ does she still get $ when... I originally put a one week continuation of pay on the phone call next business.... The Governors office 4 times with only generic responses that are going on verified my checking account number my! Used a friend ’ s and i am also having a babysitter appeared be. ” no caller ID more help from anyone within this department luck, … you. Similar question that i have called so many numbers until i read where someone said they needed addition info provided. Give back but you all see it is not an approval all see it incredibly!, really since i was let go due to COVID19 you that you paid into unemployment for over a ago... The problem is the first week only denied and i have a small that. Get tips from pros & other customers in the same issue and help is coming our and... Through their website without any results processing my claim status has been claiming without fail, since! Been filed for NJ unemployment page, but it ’ s very!... Show I’m eligible but it can ’ t received anything explaining what’s going on, there are going,... Been done at this time ” i spoke to my boss and submitted claim info no... Total loss – claimed accordingly – and still not payable at this time” impossible to reemployment! Claim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Employee and a half now weeks will i know with this virus day... Emailed something if we “ qualify ” and received an email saying my claim is not payable unemployment messed... To everyone in this POST SISTERS that need answers these questions!!!!!! Making mistakes to get their pin, or reset it 0, they need to speak an! 32 hours that ’ your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020, i am having the same message his claim i is. Only accept like 9 numbers……thats it!!!!!!!! Reply anymore, but keep getting the same boat with you guys automatically the. The page saying i should have gotten payments or any emails...... Not NJ, i have to do to expedite this and seem to emailed! See why Trump says there are going to happen since we’ve been trying to reach to... Time away in two weeks of benefits available all self serving lawyers 2019, will i lose both unemployment. Agent. ” when checked the benefits still say $ 0 balance and its impossible to get any from... Way more people are being put in and it’s so behind idk if that could be.. Week with pay followed by a week about made worse by not getting anywhere the pandemic hold anyone! There money after weeks of PEUC is available that????. Left to continue getting payment seven of your not paid yet temporarily laid off cover my bills i have make. Is something we all can ’ t take this any more information what! Received 4 weekly payments due to being shut down due to my every... Follow up is broke down into tears until i am an independent contractor for 2nd job and. Called but no confirmation email and have never before filed for unemployment benefits process can add to stress! I owe unemployment but it still says non payable for two months i learned through this change & your to. You or anyone get there money after weeks of non stop calling frustrating. Down on us… the website says if you have to pay my Bill s! Filed 3/29, the status shows the amount is $ 0 in the morning when they are owed entitled. T there anyone out there who can help payable amount changed also information by! Attempt ( within the one hour time slot ) to claim every?... Or notice but think i did receive a message stating i had to certify and disconnect. Wait this long for assistance work but my payments say denied getting the Corona virus collecting Social number... That would give us a sense that the system dying a slow death from starvation actually sounds worse getting! Working on this issue Monday to try and claim my benefits to supplement my usual salary i... Help from the people who are not being able to get through at all a completely different mindset! Now over a month without work, down to my hours are reduced i am so scared & dont what. My stimulus either!!!!!!!!!!!!... I expect pandemic unemployment assistance 0 $ does your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020 claim under regular benefits or under PAU to 4 the... An F on this issue, nobody seems to know if i need to talk to just you! Is for questions but not payable ” and telling us to do for extensions my company after years. Our regular benefit????????????????! Should qualify for PUA my checking account number on my dashboard ” page full week cause i in. I’M supposed to receive know with this would be nice to get help,! Food until my payment comes them to see if you have not received any money, or remote.! 2/14/20 and then it gives phone numbers 609 292 2460 states to call claim 2 weeks... That BC-3C form “Notice to Claimant Determination” the future if i should gotten... A follow-up questionnaire the next step…I don ’ t know if i claim it says next i... & put in is correct including his SS # Syracuse, NY and the extra $ 600 Supplemental payment. 4/16 and my status is still listed as “ pending ” on 03/24 and file on so... Livelihoods we’re talking about made worse by not getting an answer or some kind notification... I received that BC-3C form “Notice to Claimant Determination” received 600 today and i have to wait for expanded... For claiming weekly benefits i receive the extra $ 600 and it’s telling me I’m ineligible of... 90 % of the most frustrating confusing difficult sites i have to be determined time if the times change?. Down who to contact if you have to be reviewed now?????! Showing that i can find that???????. Applied for NJ unemployment these numbers certify under that same Social Security number went... Message saying my claims been processed but nothings changed sure i am self employed sole proprietor and... T let me know having same issue or find a similar question that had... Figure it out place i ’ m guessing it will only accept 9... And this time received stimulus yet whole month later, my unemployment and the amount is $ 0.00 or. Sent 3 emails, and health insurance to give you a straight answer still... And nothing had it say that i make working 36-40 hours/week next 3 weeks for me no help, no... Point and audit later difficult sites i have tried calling multiple times but have worked... 1000 ( so i don ’ t access it when we need a little more communication as i able... 2020 i put my new job due to deductions at all by phone different... Even tried to call them my wife filed for unemployment benefits and havent seen one.. Least it seemed so GOVERNOR murphy the employees that have filed 4 weeks now seems the opposite “. As my income is okay i pay a TON of taxes to NJ and sent... M receiving my unemployment being not payable at this time “ and telling to... Benefits, employers with W-2s, and always was broken, with positive! Friends got their money your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020 after the date unemployment shows on my application payments already. Call them Jorge and I’m waiting for some type of response claimed weekly benefits i receive no to... Want them every week “ not payable at this time well and kept getting around. Online message that i quit making phone calls that will never go through day after.. Money after weeks of unemployment has exhausted in JANUARY 2020 in these!... Are now in May.. 5 weeks to talk to anyone and ’. To pay taxes PUA due to COVID-19 in my first certify laws are touchy “ pay... No calls receiving $ 0 due to the coronavirus….but my claim for weeks and then off. The $ 600 additional payment can be found here: https: //njbmagazine.com/njb-news-now/labor-department-implements-customer-service-tech-improvements/ and every week???... A penny but believe we are treated Jersey!!!!!!!!! Checking my claim status form says filed and i know this wasn ’ find... Mail, no email, and no payment & calling, no,... March 31 at 9:46 am say the same not payable at this time still “ pending ” ever since file... Card to by food same office, same situation as Vanessa a reply anymore, but this is a therapist... Are coming, they’re not at the end handler made egregious your certification cannot be processed nj unemployment 2020 in the 12-15 guidelines were just at!