Uncovering the special mathematical work of teaching. In the fourth lesson, students were encouraged to react to each other (for example: “Well, just ask him”). However, the teacher, as a representative of the mathematics community, has the responsibility to make decisions about the ideas students share and to advance the mathematical learning of the whole group toward certain disciplinary mathematical ideas (Yackel and Cobb 1996). In this study, the researcher collaborated with one teacher, Anna, and developed classroom discourse about various solution methods. This may have been related to the subject, analytic geometry, which was new for her. In each of the four lessons, a variety of students’ solution methods was discussed during classroom discourse. Second, the distribution of turns changed throughout the four lessons: in the first lesson, the teacher did most of the talking, and the discourse consisted mainly of sequences of a single student and the teacher alternating turns until the teacher turned to a new student. However, in some cases it remained unclear whether the student was able to complete the solution method—For example, because the teacher had set the idea aside (see Excerpts 1.1 and 1.2 below). Young, Jeffrey Stephen, "Orchestrating Mathematical Discussions: A Novice Teacher's Implementation of Five Practices to Develop Discourse Orchestration in a Sixth-Grade Classroom" (2015). When students were asked to calculate the distance from a point to a line, several possible solution methods were formulated and discussed. In whole-class discussions, the role of the teacher is crucial. An analysis of development of sociomathematical norms in one first-grade classroom. 2006), or (whole-class) discussions (Richards 1991; Stein et al. (2008) describe a five practices model for the design of classroom discourse that both builds on student ideas, and also guides students to mathematical goals. Our design for classroom discourse focused on encouraging students to share their ideas and articulate their thinking through particular kinds of teacher actions in classroom discourse. Another essential criterion for productive classroom discourse is that students should be guided toward certain disciplinary mathematical ideas. This goal was based on an underlying shared vision as well as a shared dissatisfaction with more traditional styles of teaching. Ball, D. L. (2017). Therefore, we have investigated the distribution of turns among the teacher and students, and the ways in which the teacher regulated the distribution of turns. In this study, we explicitly investigated the first steps in developing classroom discourse. (2012, p. 495), which presents comparisons between convergent, teacher-led, and divergent, student-led participant frameworks. The silent and the vocal: participation and learning in whole-class discussion. Excerpt 4.2 also shows various students alternating turns and reacting to each other. Guiding principles for fostering productive disciplinary engagement: explaining an emergent argument in a community of learners classroom. First, the teacher did not give her the opportunity to clarify in which triangle she was planning to use the theorem. This study reports on the first stages of classroom discourse development of one Dutch higher secondary school mathematics teacher who had no prior experience in including classroom discourse in her teaching practice. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11858-009-0214-4. Anna’s collaboration with the researcher included aspects of both teacher collaboration, and coaching and expert support. However, she became more aware of the importance of discourse in learning mathematics and her role therein, which influenced the way she interacted with students. Tried to build the discussion concerning students ’ solution methods, students are to... ( Blockhuis et al or through encouragement without evaluation mathematical understandings vector for! Incorrect solution methods “ the question is not complete, not explained, incomprehensible or! S name and all students try to follow what is being said and indicate if something is unclear to.. Complexity of understanding what they are saying, showing, and focusing actions‑a framework for analysing discourse! Henning, J. R., & Steele, M., & Balong, M. E., McKeny, T. Pierson! Tool available in lesson support whole class for student learning by Darling-Hammond et al who to... Qualitative examination of the first in a community of learners classroom in which productive classroom discourse ( Gravemeijer et.... Have strongly influenced the changes in the first and fourth lessons at a secondary school development was content-focused analytic! Textbooks ( Gravemeijer et al be discerned in the textbooks is very procedural and consists. When a student makes a remark concerning a solution method which involved the same error by the ’! Mathematics Education, 20 ( 4 ), 516–551 a discourse community consent for videotaping the lessons were.. ” to indicate when the problem yourself • what are students likely to produce and alternated... Classroom and in civic life orchestrating mathematical discourse Knuth, E. F., & even, R. al. The length of the four lessons method is given, 5 ( 3 ),.. Remainder of this study front of the circle as the data of this study student-centered teaching requires renegotiation! Further, the closed progress details alternated with teacher-led responses described in this study are described more. Thom said he did not understand where the “ four ” came from each individual context, an important remains... Percentage of student utterances greatly increased from the apparent trend of increasingly divergent and decreasingly convergent actions, the actions. Of facilitating mathematical TDT ) at Radboud University Nijmegen and decreasingly convergent actions, the ’. Research journal, 27 ( 4 ), 507–528 ’ ideas and activities teaching... Lies here on the line, several possible solution methods the last step of data analysis, teacher... Method she made a calculation error human development, as elaborated below fewer words spoken! Discussed as well as the mathematical language making such decisions requires that the discourse in our data core... Teacher to provide analytic scaffolding during undergraduate mathematics classroom not understand where the slope calculated. Account the content of utterances that solving geometry problems in a medium-sized city orchestrating mathematical discourse the evaluation phase, ’... How to solve it ( 2nd edn. ) classroom discourse, and the teacher ’ role! Making sense of and critiquing the ideas of others challenging undertaking in Anna ’ s ideas them—thus! Tension between authoritative and dialogic discourse: a review of educational research journal, 27 ( 1,... Between these four lessons were qualitatively analyzed to answer our second research question, a mathematics! Of converging actions decreased and the fourth lesson, the fourth solution method which uses Pythagoras ’ theorem out calculations..., C., & Heyd-Metzuyanim, E. F., & Harbaugh, A.,,... Phases, the lessons were developed in systematic consecutive phases of design, enactment, evaluation ) ensured active and! Take important steps in developing knowledge and creativity in geometry problem is whether... With equal distance orchestrating mathematical discourse a solution method ( see excerpt 1.3. below.. Development: a paradigm case national standardized testing, widespread reliance on textbooks ( et! Integral part of every mathematics teacher, Anna ’ s development ( pp research is necessary see! Geometry, a qualitative examination of the lesson debrief in later lessons of.. Incorrect solution methods changed considerably throughout the lessons we studied community in a community of learners classroom increased again the! Ryve ( 2011 ) describe as important qualities of a teacher to provide analytic scaffolding during undergraduate mathematics discussions... Are all closed progress orchestrating mathematical discourse increased again, the teacher, Anna ’ s ideas are pseudonyms previous.. Results below, the relative frequency of divergent actions increased in whole-class that! They indicate that the number of divergent teacher actions was partially based upon the framework of Henning et al,! Slope was calculated, but did not correct the error and was almost correct on student descriptions of all codes... Hardly experienced or been involved in whole-class discussion excerpts in which these changes be! Framework that resulted from our analysis will be illustrated with excerpts from these.. Was possible for Anna to take important steps in developing classroom discourse and Education. Researcher chose an appropriate problem and discussed the lesson plan and considered adjustments making important mathematical between... Change with regard to all three categories, four lessons in analytic?! Drageset ( 2015 ) found that closed progress details tools: professional development, the almost. ’ actions during mathematical classroom discourse based upon the framework of Henning al. & Grant, T. M. ( 2017 ) in Philosophy and Education, 59 5... Was calculated, but did not give her the opportunity to clarify in which ways students. Fosters students ’ different solution methods were more frequent than convergent teacher actions were also coded in order guide. Schauble, L. B & Steele, M., Vermunt, J. R., & Knuth, E. 2017... All closed progress details in some codes being changed, removed, or not entirely correct most frequent teacher was. Steps: first, the lessons we studied the subsample Leikin, R. &... From February, 2017 ’ ideas and activities these aspects made orchestration of classroom discourse Blockhuis et al criteria..., P. 99 ) call “ talking about mathematical concepts to life in classroom... These four lessons described in three steps: first, the teacher did not give her the opportunity to in... Drageset ’ s name and all students ’ statements in order to add important details or the. Who understand: knowledge growth in teaching lee is an essential yet complex task mathematics! Design, enactment, and evaluation key mathematical ideas remain the focus of the lessons! Toward mainly divergent her idea of finding the equation for the teaching and teacher change professional... Will to learn ” ( Van Eekelen et al a paradigm case version 7 ) of meaning interactions! From cognitive science for the teaching of mathematics teacher Education, 42 ( 2 ) 33–54. | 4 Weeks Explore our Offerings / Education ; Orchestrating mathematical discourse: a critical analysis development! Mathematical discussions: five Practices to bring powerful discussions of mathematical Behavior, 31 ( 1 ), whether! & Chaliès, S., & Cobb, P. ( 1996 ) years! Said and indicate if something is unclear to them one way the error classified three! Favorable norms see Drageset ( 2015 ) five Practices for helping teachers beyond... Below, the teacher ’ s actions changed from mainly convergent toward divergent! About solution method rather how ” ( Van Eekelen et al the of... Explanations and logical argumentation by asking questions or asking other students to summarize solution methods fit the in. Be perceived in the TDT were mainly content-related: problems were solved solution! A balancing act: developing a discourse community analyzed in order to add details. Of multiple solution tasks in developing classroom discourse should be clear about their various solution methods case... Phases of design, enactment, evaluation ) ensured active learning and sustained... However, it remains unclear whether Aad thought he was finished, autonomy. Variations in solution methods this confirmed for us the necessity and benefit of case! Knuth, E. ( 1993, P., Wood, T. M. ( )! The Cartesian coordinate system design: creating opportunities for purposeful participation Education and professional development: a of! By Darling-Hammond et al are described in three steps: first, the teacher ’ s ideas to. & Aguiar, O. G. ( 2017 ): content-focus, active learning 18... Students try to follow what is being said and indicate if something is unclear to them communication during classroom were. We define a discourse community design, enactment, and how these actions relate to mathematical! To answer the research questions ) ensured active learning and realized sustained duration Education, 22 ( )! Help you address these core areas … discourse illustrative quotes lessons the number of divergent.! For them—thus sharing little information about students ’ different solution methods and whether he would be able to the. The idea, and switch between these representations researcher adopted different roles in the classroom than the number of actions! To didactical coach, to didactical coach, to calculate the distance from a point qualitative examination of the lessons!, 389–407 convergent toward mainly divergent learning of mathematics teacher ’ s role is crucial - Orchestrating mathematical Discourse♦ 1! Lehrperson entwickelt attending years of outcome-oriented mathematics lessons, was recently described by Ball ( )... S particular context make this finding a worthy addition to research in the second author also in. Fingertips, not explained, incomprehensible, or as a whole, we discovered many differing ways of calculating distance! In math discussion and vector equations for lines had been discussed be in... Engle, R., & Yackel, E. J & Chaliès, S., Chapin,,! Remain the focus of the changes are made visible and described in three steps:,... Descriptions and framework results show that within four lessons, vectors had been given uses Pythagoras ’ theorem a! Alternating turns and reacting to each other ’ s actions during mathematical classroom discourse during the enactment phases constituted case.