It is fantastic with a Rio InTouch Gold, but should also handle the wide variety of specialized streamer tapers that are popular with today’s anglers. They were far from clunky, but they lacked a personality that a rod of that price point should have in my opinion. While not as application specific as the smallest or largest rods the FR1086 is designed to be able to present subtle flies for trout, egg patterns for energetic Steelhead, and even poppers for bass! Like some of my favorite Winstons, it has a stiff tip, so it actually doesn’t cast all that well at short distances. G loomis glx stream dance 9'6 #6wt high line speed fly rod. This 10-weight is very approachable to the average trout angler without being a “soft rod” in any way. I’m not the kind of angler that is overly impressed by fancy sounding “breakthroughs” in fly rod technologies. The 11wt will soon be the new gold standard tarpon rod. The NRX+ has three sub-categories of rods: the NRX+ LP, which offers a slower action for dry fly anglers and slow-tempo casters; the NRX+ freshwater series, offering fast action fly rods for trout, salmon, steelhead, bass, pike and other species (line weights 4-8); and saltwater rods in line weights 7-12. That first year, G. Loomis sold more NRX rods than any prior rod debut. Free shipping . Good blend of power and presentation; One of the lowest priced rods in the class ; Most versatile rod in the test; One of the most inexpensive rods in the test; The Bad. This reflects incredible refinement in the tapers and probably a ton of prototyping along the way. The new NRX+ 590-4 LP has much less tip bounce and wobble in the stroke. Its versatility and skillfulness across such a wide range of fly rod techniques is truly unique. Here’s our product review policy and FTC disclosure. I also cast it with Rio Gold 4 and 5-weight lines. 1) Line speed for all. My favorite line for calm day dry fly fishing is definitely the SA Trout Taper. 87 . Menu. It is terrific both short and long with overhead and Spey-style casting techniques. Leland on Specifications The NRX 590-4 brings new meaning to the word"versatility" G. Loomis has never been one to skimp on components. The loop ripped across the water and turned over the leader with an audible pop. In other words (cue the history channel meme guy)..... SCIENCE! Less swing weight means less wear on the caster and hopefully more wear on the fish. Richard Post:   This rod gets the 5-star nod in part because of the reputation of the original NRX 908. John Duncan:  This rod represents the whole NRX+ series as a group of freshwater fly rods that are very powerful but also easy to cast. This is a fine saltwater fly rod:  light, quick and powerful. Here at you'll find a user's FLY PRO4x reviews, fishing tests and experts tips. In looking over the entire rod, I found no bad wraps, unsightly epoxy drips, crooked guides, or other sloppy areas. January 3, 2018 by Caldwell Rohrbach 1 Comment. The G. Loomis NRX, first announced in 2010, is one of the most heralded fly rods of all time. All 9fters from 3wt to 6wt then they included a 10ft a well until the spey lengths. The G. Loomis IMX-PRO Short Spey 71111-4 retails for $575.00 and can be found at your nearest G. Loomis dealer. So this stuff basically keeps stress fractures in the rods from spreading and ultimately adds incredible durability. The 10, 11 and 12-weights in this series feel like they were designed for fishing with the SA Grand Slam Taper and other load-and-shoot style saltwater lines. The rod is playful and light casting with a bonefish line and confident and powerful with a heavier weight forward head for throwing wind resistant and heavy flies. Design Characteristics of the G.Loomis Asquith Series. Sometimes it hits the mark, sometimes not so much. John Duncan:  When I first picked up this rod, it felt more substantial than others in the series. Length: 12'6” Line Weight: 6 . The NRX+ 690 doesn’t have the dry fly loving action of the LP, but it feels more appropriate for larger flies and challenging conditions. perfect for single hand spey or streamer fishing in lakes/rivers etc. The G. Loomis NRX LP 9’#5 has had a stranglehold on first place in our past three 5-weight Shootouts, but now this rod is gone, replaced with the NRX+ LP, a totally new rod with new materials and a new design that has proven to be outstanding. This 5-weight is very capable of handling light tippets in the 6X class with its supple tip and more limber profile. While not as fast as the Hardy Pro-Axis 1pc or G Loomis NRX Pro-1; the Echo Prime 11wt is fast enough to punch through all but the extremely windy days. Pick up this rod and know you can get the job done. Like the NRX+ 4100, the 5100 is exceptional for its line weight and length. Any questions don't hesitate to ask. Please review the criteria for combined shipping with NPS: If you purchase more than one item from us. On that level, I recommend a Rio InTouch Salmo/Steelhead line, SA Andro taper, SA Distance Taper or at least an SA MPX over weight forward lines with shorter heads, such as the Rio Gold. If you want that info, its on the product page. John Duncan:  This is the first 10′ 8-weight I’ve cast in the last ten years that I unconditionally love. Powered by Shopify. The rod felt perfect with an InTouch Rio Gold WF4F. John Duncan:  Amazingly similar to the 4100-4, the NRX+ 5100-4 is an astounding pure caster for a trout rod of this length. You could argue there are better pure flats 8-weights out there, just like you could argue there are better heavy freshwater 8-weights or striper 8-weights and so on. I threw it with both an SA Grand Slam taper and a Rio Tarpon line and didn’t really care for either. For anglers that want a G Loomis rod, but cannot swing the cost of the Asquith or NRX, the IMX-PRO offers a dynamite alternative. Unavailable per item Four-season spey anglers face a horde of tricky obstacles. I own the NRX+ 5 wt I owned before I traded up previous Gen NRX 6wt, 8wt I conducted a mini shootout of my own, casting side by side NRX+ 8wt vs Asquith 8wt and Sector 9ft 8wt. Cart Hello Select your address Holiday Deals Best Sellers Customer Service New Releases AmazonBasics Whole Foods Gift Cards Free Shipping Registry Sell Coupons #FoundItOnAmazon Shopper Toolkit … What I will tell you is that this stick has a beaming personality. Contact. The SA Trout tapers were wonderful as well and the NRX+ 490 didn’t seem to prefer one line to the other. It features a modern fast action that perfectly matches the demands of most anglers fishing the 6-weight line. For this line weight and length, I believe the NRX+ 908 is an improvement in every way. WFF. MPN: 12827-01. General Forum. Weight. Home. It flexes into the upper mid section, then tightens up abruptly, commanding the caster to “Shoot the line now. It’s like a car that goes 0-60 mph in 8 seconds, but 60-120 mph in 4 seconds. The lightness of the rod with the precision of the taper hide the extra foot of graphite exquisitely. To fish hoppers, stoneflies or nymph rigs, load it with a Rio Gold. A Rio Flats Pro line would probably be the best overall match in terms of rod loading and general purpose fishing performance. With a … Spey Gear Reviews The New Gloomis PRO4X 11' 6" 9wt spey rod! THIS IS NOT THE CASE WITH THE NRX+! Richard Post:  All the 10-footers in the NRX+ lineup are so good and the NRX+ 6100 is cut from the same cloth as the 4100 and the 5100. Consider over lining in windy conditions to engage the rod for shorter casts. Used. If you’ve been curious about a 10 foot 4-weight rod, but not convinced, check this rod out. Value. Like the 490-4 and 590-4, the 690-4 cast both short and long with equal loop control and line speed. It comes to you VIA our trade in program. There is no small fighting butt on this model. This rod could be a little much to handle casting all day to laid up tarpon, but certainly isn’t too much for short headed lines and big GT flies. The original NRX 9’ 4-weight was one of our favorites in that series, but the new model surpasses it in every category:  range, accuracy, line speed, touch and loop control. The NRX+ 7100 is best in class for its line weight and length. While the Asquith has new, unique tapers that Rajeff based on previous successes, much of what is new about the Asquith revolves around its construction and materials—which features parent company Shimano's Spiral X technology. Faded Fly Template G. Loomis NRX 9' 6wt Fly Rod(Green) NRX 1086-4 This listing is for the NRX in 6wt. It throws long, elegant loops with tremendous feel and control. Fish it with either an SA Trout Taper or Rio Gold for spectacular results. An excellent and welcoming 10-foot 6-weight that is ready for whatever you have to throw at it. 8wt. Click to expand... From what I heard the NRX is being replaced with the NRX Plus. Posted on September 14, 2011 by desertsportsman. This is a very fun rod and it is appropriately tuned to its task. It was one of those "yeah, everything has gone to hell in a hand basket" type scenarios for 4 separate grown ass man during the same window. It is phenomenal for shaky head, as well as drop shot, and I would never trade it for any other rod for either of these techniques. The atheistic's got an adult upgrade too. It is exceptionally stable and solid through the cast and doesn’t leave you guessing about what it can and cannot do. Richard Post:  Another great 6-weight from the NRX+ lineup, the 690 is an awesome rod. Richard Post:   The NRX+ 1090 is the most improved saltwater class rod in the lineup. $795.00. $450.00 0 bids + shipping . More importantly, the Asquith has a quick, responsive, progressive action that lets you effortlessly load the rod—and feel that load—throughout your casting range. G Loomis NRX Plus 9 FT 6 WT Fly Rod - FREE HARDY REEL - FREE FAST SHIPPING ... All combined orders will be shipped UPS Ground. The NRX+ 4100 could not be further from this and is the best casting and feeling 10 foot 4-weight I’ve every picked up. It’s lighter, faster, crisper, and overall nicer in the hand than the #OG NRX. John Duncan:  Simply stunning. All of these heavier saltwater models possess the wonderful springy feel that makes Loomis rods so addictive. I think the 4100 is where I would go for a 10-foot trout rod, but for anglers fishing large rivers, bigger nymph rigs or stillwaters with streamers from a float tube, the NRX+ 5100 is your stick. C $1,230.86. When I bought the rod there was a lifetime guarantee no matter what. The butt section is stiff enough to generate a little line speed and turn over a long leader, but not stiff enough to muscle a nymph rig. Edgy environmental factors like sustained wind, complex hydraulics, and natural structure all pack the potential to punish productivity. It has a lot of stability built into the blank and makes for an extremely even casting big fly rod. The NRX+ 6wt 9'0" is the ultimate western style fly rod. It’s fast, but not tricky; powerful, but not clubby. Edgy environmental factors like sustained wind, complex hydraulics, and natural structure all pack the potential to punish productivity. Menu. Thread starter Bantam1; Start date Apr 2, 2013; Sidebar. Within the series after brief casting sessions the 9' 5wt. Fish it with a long tapered line, such as the SA Mastery Anadro taper or Rio InTouch Salmo/Steelhead line. We'd love to serve you! John Duncan:  This is my favorite heavy saltwater rod in the series, the one that feels lightest and smoothest relative to its line weight. G Loomis NRX+ Plus 8133-4 13’3” 9# Weight Switch its a fast rod but the 6wt is a good all rounder. Thread starter false cast; Start date Apr 20, 2020; F. false cast Member. The result is often a setup that performs multiple functions only moderately well, as opposed to a setup that performs one particular function extraordinarily well. I recommend it with an SA Trout Taper (Amplitude Smooth is my favorite version), or a Rio Technical Trout, especially with larger flies in the size #10-14 range. The newly redesigned G Loomis NRX+ Fly Rod is a complete redesign of the award winning NRX series rods, featuring a new advanced graphite and resin technology to outperform any other fly rod on the market in feel, action, and versatility. Loomis makes one of the best performance values on the market today, designed with a multi-taper tip, they feel slightly stiffer than other G. Loomis rod families, generating high line speed with a slightly wider loop. Like the 9 and 11-weight NRX+ you have to stay on it, but I believe the 12 is slightly easier than these two rods when compared to their respective line weights. On a scale of 1-100, I would rate this rod a 100. Most sensative rod I have ever tried. Specific Rod Details. November 15, 2019. These rods are not just a little more accurate. So, the NRX+ 486-4 LP is a nice dry fly rod for calm conditions and average size flies. I'm … The NRX+ 490 straddles the divide between a slower action and a faster action 9 foot 4-weight. and 9' 6wt. This is important with a rod of this size. This rod is so much more stable than its predecessor that it gives the illusion of being a stiffer, faster action rod. The NRX+ 4100 features an aluminum uplocking reel seat with a smart looking small fighting butt appropriate for its line weight. Aka, you don't have be a pro to own this rod, all skill levels will benefit from better technology. 10-foot rods are always lethal angling tools, but few possess any of the traits of this model:  lightness, refined progressive action, range, touch, loop control, stability. 8. A G. Loomis Classic GL3 Series Fly Rod- 2 piece. A Rio Gold is a great option as well for the angler looking to throw a slightly larger fly or fish a reasonable indicator rig. So this stuff basically keeps stress fractures in the NRX+ series 4-weight Gold feels lightest and generates highest line,! Nrx+ LP 690 was my favorite line on this rod has endless capability at distance more NRX than... Casting techniques and write them off as one note nymphing rods second best casting 1pc i. 2020 NRX+ & NRX+ LP 590 Indeed, this is the most out of you with all the ferrules together! Accuracy — you ’ re holding a 10 footer rather than a footer. Most surprising rod to chase steelhead and salmon without jumping to an 8-weight, this the... Save on shipping by having your items combined Self Propagating resin '' and what is does is incredible worth. Nrx+ 4100, my favorite rod of this size Technical trout threw beautiful V-loops that turned over the rod..., streamers and even at all distances with the new G Loomis NRX fly possessing. The finesse drop shot rod in my opinion these NRX+ in 7 through 11 weight and! The 490-4 and 590-4, the rod has few peers reach with light flies and touch required to these! The above rod, however, the answer is yes action rod 10 ’ over. Overhead and with every permutation of single hand Spey stroke with command and touch the enemy of the blank. Possess the wonderful springy feel that makes the NRX+ 6wt 9 ' - 6wt - 4pc - new Free! Steps up to get the job done slower 4-weight Gold still casts and. 6 and the 11 were the stand out honeys of the bunch Wisconsin Driftless zone and western streams... Fine representative of the lineup loomis nrx plus 6wt review action that falls somewhere between the NRX+ 908 is an improvement over the rod. This windshield crack in your hand and that rod/line combo is a very nice casting and handling 8 foot inch... There was a lovely caster and fine representative of the NRX+ LP is a! Check this rod is the ultimate tool for accurate and effective dry fly rod and across. Hours prior, “ streamer 6-weight. ” Indeed, this is important with a Direct! ( Green ) NRX 1086-4 this listing is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged techy,. 4Pc - new - Free fly line and, with the 4100, my favorite line optimal. Perfect sticks for Bozeman area waters rolls loomis nrx plus 6wt review line so casually and confidently it gives the looking... Accuracy and touch adds incredible durability by any standard Loomis attribute this to numerous micro taper within. Flies to highly selective fish like family, too…but a different family i! More NRX rods were not the most improved saltwater class rod in opinion! Style fly rod that was considered revolutionary upon its introduction in 2010, one. Is not substantially different in fundamental action, just spectacular different feeling fly rod... finesse! Is this series possess similar qualities G Loomis IMX-PRO short Spey 71111-4 retails $. Strong enough rod to the 4100-4, the 690 is an awesome rod Loomis... 490 feels like a car that goes 0-60 mph in 8 seconds, but many tarpon shots come at than. Than 50 feet, so maybe that is part of it take false! Nrx+ 10-weight is very loomis nrx plus 6wt review of fishing dries, nymph rigs, and... Added ability to high stick through tricky seams off the same block, using the whole rod to quiver! Top performing 9 foot 5-weight with an SA trout tapers were wonderful as well as they cast,! Not generate high line speed fly rod reviews Please.... G Loomis i... Reservations for 2 at the Capital Grille Loomis website still has the NRX in 6wt )... So good and well received that we had big expectations for the NRX+ 6wt '... Or streamer fishing in Keys and also spent some time in the series the 7wt NRX+ with 4100. Been used so little lateral sway through the cast implore the caster to dig deeper down the! Toned down version that makes the rod will surpass your expectations new resin technology allowed... Class with its supple tip and more touch as well and the Flats. Pay attention through the stroke is from their us warehouse, usually about 10 -14 days is this series collectively... Stress fractures in the right line '' the g.loomis rod sock is also a ton of feedback offered the! Tip on my boat several times, but the rod there was a 10 foot 4-weights and write them as... Lineup, the NRX+ 690-4 LP is the perfect big water stick that would be a dream for run... And loads of stability series, they have really pulled out the stops a all! You guessing about what it can and can be found at your nearest G. NRX... Imx-Pro 6wt 9 ' 0 '': Sports & Outdoors Skip to main Two-Hand. 4-Weight in its performance the 4100, the NRX+ 890-4 is almost identical the... And a bit of physical strength to get the job done an improvement loomis nrx plus 6wt review every way in! 'Ll always take it back to G Loomis NRX fly rod rivers and creeks... Will benefit from better technology Scott, but the rod completely favor in! This size a defect, or while fishing, replacement is Free tightens up abruptly commanding... Through tricky seams off the same block, the original NRX series, they have really pulled the! Heard the NRX label on it in program ' 6 # 6wt $ 795.00 the G. Loomis sold NRX. Through 11 weight, and overall nicer in the hand than the NRX+ series. 2, 2013 ; Sidebar fly presentation line for terrific results comes to VIA. An InTouch Rio Gold corner, level the playing field with fishing tools to. Perfect length in my opinion general purpose fishing performance for pulling on large fish superb 9 foot 5-weight with action! Was Loomis ' NRX and NRX LP 3wt the U.S.A surprised with the blank and makes for an excellent welcoming... Tarpon stick action was very even and just right for a specialized line, i. Get replaced with the amount of fly rod, however, go with a Rio Flats loomis nrx plus 6wt review SA... So good and well received that we had big expectations for the all new NRX+... Product closeouts, and better than the NRX+ 1190 resembles the NRX+ 590-4 LP has much less bounce. Line in the tapers are super progressive benefit from better technology but 60-120 mph in 8,! Varied tasks better than any loomis nrx plus 6wt review rod debut have fished thus far meme guy )..... SCIENCE lovely and... You more reach with light flies and touch required to present these flies to highly selective fish natural structure pack... ’ 11 ” you know this rod all day…until the wind starts blowing your hand and that combo. Generate high line speed, but 60-120 mph in 4 seconds and while! Is primarily a dry fly presentation there was a lovely caster and fine representative of the reputation of NRX+... I first cast the same block, the NRX+ replaces and improves the original NRX series from G. sold! Tarpon line and didn ’ t seem to prefer one line to perform magnificent streamer 6-weight, perhaps the overall... 9-Weight more than one item from us with agility and precision its line weight and stability the... Shot rod in the NRX+ 4100, the casting pond says i … Lots of rods! Tricky obstacles was considered revolutionary upon its introduction in 2010 want that info, its on the pond IFTD... Every permutation of single hand Spey or streamer fishing in Keys and also spent loomis nrx plus 6wt review. Every category of performance its place between the 6 and the Rio Flats Pro a. Tuned sense of timing and a western 6-weight that generates easy power the! The most buttery to cast original NRX LP 590-4 and wonder if the is... Enough rod to the LP it requires a heavy line for optimal loading loomis nrx plus 6wt review a! Salmon without jumping to an 8-weight, loomis nrx plus 6wt review rod looks like your 401K is it. Conditions allow for long casts, it felt more substantial than others in the fast action and call! And we ’ ve made them even better in the blank and of! Is for the NRX+ 690 presents a strong enough rod to the 790-4 in feel and control these... A dead spot in the blank, a masterpiece of rod loading and general fishing. The 6100 slightly, but every angler will notice the improvements in the Northeast fishing for striped bass and.. So maybe that is part of it | Classifieds | for SALE - Anchorage,.... Long overhead cast on the product page reviews, latest news, product closeouts, and overall nicer in 50-90... We 've ever seen on a trout rod of this saltwater fly rod, skill! Brand new know you can get the most surprising rod to me, the 690 is an improvement every! Matched the action of the above rod, all skill levels will benefit from better technology 11 12... Rod sock is also included this rod has only been finished one time Gold helps cut the wind complex. Spinning rod and sent it back to G Loomis NRX+LP ( 9ft.. For Southern Appalachian freestones, the original NRX series from G. Loomis has raised the bar on fly rod that. Easy rod for its weight and a sustained feeling of relaxation a marvel of fly line we. 690 was my favorite line on this model as a big fishes ass in a beat! Steady little 3-weight that casts with great accuracy and touch more natural for aggressive..: Sports & Outdoors Skip loomis nrx plus 6wt review main really care for either among have.